110knots wind at over 35,000ft

When I flew below 30,000ft with super strong wind, the aircraft was so shaky.

But now I’m flying at the same wind speed at over 35,000ft, it doesn’t shake at all.
Why? Because of the air pressure?

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Turbulence. It’s not easily indicated in IF but it exists.


I had 230knts once and no turbulence. I don’t know if it because they can’t replicate it or I just got it in a good spot

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Turbulence makes up in pockets. Some altitudes have lots of turbulence, and some don’t. Sometimes pilots even change their altitudes if there is severe turbulence.


In addition to @anon24319801: Turbulence does happen mostly (excluding clean air turbulence for simplicity) when different air masses are getting close to each other/are colliding. Therefore you might fly in the middle of the Jetstream or another strong wind area and have no turbulence at all, while at the edges of this air mass it’s extremely bumpy.


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