110,000+ passengers stranded - London Gatwick (Normal Operations resumed)(arrested pair no longer suspects)

I think there needs be mandatory training to even touch one of these. The fact the these things are so out there now and will kill some one real soon just gets me nervous.


Can They just shoot the drone

Police have advised not to do so incase of stray bullets. There is roughly, 20 Police Units from Surrey and Met Police Forces looking for the people using the drones.

ok, but can they use an electromagnetic field and disable it


I would say yes, but then you need the equipment to do so and for it not to interfere with the Airports equipment

Always use another drone with a net


I can bring my .223 over and solve your drone problem.


Haha, nice idea but you wouldn’t get it here, guns are for the most part illegal in the UK.


I know. That’s why I offered help lol. Why don’t they just get their own drone to follow/ crash them out? Mid air collision should do the trick.


The FAA makes us register UAS for this very reason. Not saying everybody does but it would help. I was on a short final in a C172 and had a drone pop up about 100 yards in front of me. Scared the crap outta me! Made me do a go around and tower saw the drone and I’ve never seen police on the ground move so fast in my life. Never found the guy tho.


Here’s the current departure schedule in the involved airport, many of them are Canceled


The individual or individuals involved deserve attempted murder charges brought upon them. They know what they are doing and know the risks. I bet future drone trolls will think twice if they through those charges at these people.


How big is the drone?

Probably a Phantom or a maverik

My bets are on some anti-airport activists who want to “protest” against the airport and possible expansion plans…idiots either way…


The drone(s) are being described as industrial size, and there may be more than one of them.

110,000 passengers are expected to be traveling from, to or via Gatwick today, and there is a possibility that all 110,000 will be affected.

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I really wonder what’s going on there though, one should think after that much time there needs to be at least some kind of success.

Wonder how chasing the drones might look like… 🤔


Easiest solution to the problem would be you have to be over 18 to purchase a drone, make them register it to you at time of purchase and have the registration numbers engraved all over the drone. Id even put it in big bold letters and numbers where it could be visible to somebody. Then when somebody does this again you just take it out, get the numbers and prosecute.

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My only issue I potentially see with that is what if someone else is flying the drone(say it was stolen and it wasn’t the registered owner)

I agree with that. Would be the same if somebody stole your vehicle and committed a crime with it tho. You just prove your innocence and they go from there. If it wasn’t you that shouldn’t be hard to prove. That or put tracking devices in the controller at the factory. They’d activate when the drone is powered on and if somebody tried to open the controller and disable it the controller would become useless and not work. Not saying those ideas would truly work just giving a thought for a solution to the problem.

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