110,000+ passengers stranded - London Gatwick (Normal Operations resumed)(arrested pair no longer suspects)

Airport has been closed for 14 hours now at 1200Z as drones have made incursions into the airspace and remain on site flying about the runway.


It was on the news here, it was due to drone reports right? I hope all passengers get home soon.

Yeah, the drone keeps disappearing and then as soon as they open the runway the drone comes back. Seems designed to spoil Christmas holidays for people. Whoever responsible faces 5 years in jail if they get caught


I dont know why you would do that 🤷🏼‍♂️ Hope they get the person caught soon

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Drones used to disrupt operations of an airport … what is society

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The Feds, Drones and money are some of the most dangerous aviation things


Glad Gatwick is taking the precautions. In the end sparing a few hours isn’t worth anyone’s life or risking it.

Would guided missiles work? I know it’s overkill, but why cant you get a couple of typhoons and attack it? I am legitimately serious.

Maybe because it’s a public airport on U.K. soil… maybe because it’s not worth the thousands of pounds it would cost not only to scramble the jets but the extra money wasted by using missiles… it’s just common sense really.


I was due to fly to Amsterdam today and they cancelled my flight. South terminal was a complete chaos when I left

Yes, everyone Is already on high alert so let’s fire of a few missiles, costing hundreds of thousands alone and cause more panic. What if they miss? I’m sure the new stations would love it is they accidentally blow up part of the terminal or someone’s house. Is a drone, we don’t need to turn Gatwick into a warzone.


A 12 gauge shotgun does amazing things for those toys


I hope whoever is behind what is now believed to be a deliberate attack face the consequences.

I think I read that the maximum fine is £5000 for this, or imprisonment is a possibility. £5000 would recoup hardly any of the thousands to millions of pounds that have already been lost to this closure.

I think people need to be reminded that it is not at all safe to fly a drone nearby any airport, and that if they do, the consequences can be severe.


Theresa may spokesman has come out and said that when caught the pilots will be looking at 5 years in prison.


5 years jail potentially. Think it is illegal here to fly a drone within 1km of an airfield or higher than 400m anywhere. I’m so glad I’m not flying out of Gatwick anytime soon. Total chaos.


I wonder how they are doing it? There must be more than one drone as they can’t remain charged that long. They must be relaying back and forth from somewhere like a tag team. I would have thought the military had technology to bring down a drone.

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I say they send the RAF out there and take the drones down.

kidding, I’m kidding…

Whoever is doing this is inconveniencing and stranding, well, an entire airport full of people. This is absolutely horrible. I can’t believe people would even do this!


Every day I have less and less hope for humanity. I mean, what gives someone the idea to say “Hey! Let’s play a practical joke on 10,000 people at the airport by delaying their flights!” 🙄


Just another update and article,

should drones be banned completely near airports and towns?

  • Yes, it drones be banned near households near airports
  • No, drones should NOT be banned to households near airports

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