11 violations after server error today any ideas?

You need to have a look at your logbook and see what the vios were. Typically, we find that people were either speeding on the taxiway or flying too fast under 10,000 feet.

Can we see a screenshot of your logbook?

That link should be useful.


Also, have a look at this link to better understand the speed limits and violations inqueries.


Yeah sure thing just one minute

Click “View Flight Details”.

That means that you were over speeding. You were going faster than you are allowed to in your aircraft.

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Yes I know what this means but I lag out of the server when this was happening and then my app shut down I have over 32 Landings only two messed up

And there’s only two 5 and 6violations between the lot books

Log book sorry autocorrect

So you have 2 flights where you got violations but you have gotten 5 in one and 6 in the other. That would show why you have 11 violations. Am I misunderstanding something?

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Only 1 right before the server errored out I tried it again that was a big mistake… I got the same result from last time

But it’s cool I just figure a way around it I hope lol

Yeah the violations will be there permanently but as long as the violations to landing ratio isn’t big then it won’t stop you from increasing your grade.

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Only speeding violations because lagged out and couldn’t decrease speed

The violations times do not align with the server issues timeframe. The links provided above are great stepping stones for avoiding such speeding violations in the future. We all started somewhere, just check out the tutorials for different aircraft and remember this:


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I understand all violations I did simulators for so many years :)

How do I fix my rating?

Patternwork helps. You can get some good practice in with a Cessna 208 doing touch and goes.

It’s a forgiving aircraft that has plenty of power yet flies nicely for those tighter patterns.

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