(11 Spots Available) Huntsville International Airport Flyout @KHSV - 171600ZDEC18


Server: Expert

Airport: KHSV

Date/Time: December 17,2018 1600Z


  • If you would like a different aircraft, airline, or route let me know.
  • All takeoffs will occur on runway 18L/36R
  • More routes can be added if needed in GA and Cargo
  • Spawn 15 minutes before event.

Avaliable Routes


Gate 1A: American—KDFW—CRJ9: Vacant
Gate 1B: American—KCLT—CRJ7: Vacant
Gate 2A: United—KIAD—A320: Vacant
Gate 2B: United—KORD—CRJ7: Vacant
Gate 3: American—KDCA—A320: @Matthew_20204
Gate 4: United—KIAH—CRJ7: Vacant
Gate 5: American—KORD—CRJ9: Vacant
Gate 6: Delta—KATL—B717: Vacant
Gate 7: Frontier—KDEN—A320: @JeromeJ
Gate 8: Delta—KDTW—CRJ9: Vacant
Gate 9: Frontier—KMCO—A320: Vacant
Gate 10: Delta—KJFK—A319: Vacant
Gate 11: AirTran(Throwback)—KBWI—B737: @Plane-Train-TV
Gate 12: Silver(Generic)—KMCO—DH8D: Vacant


Tower: Vacant
Ground: Vacant

I know I posted this kind of late but it is smaller event. Hope everyone can join!


Unfortunately thats on a school night :/! Maybe for the next one good luck man! :)

I will take KBWI! AirTran Lets go!

you got it!

I’ll take gate 7 please.

you’re in there. thanks for joining!

I’ll take gate 3 please

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