[11 ATTENDING; WITH ATC] Piarco Airport flyout @ TTPP 121630ZOCT19

Server: Training may be switched to Expert

Airport: TTPP

Time: 2019-10-12T16:30:00Z

The reason I am selecting this airport is because it was the top voted airport in my poll. The airport is located on the Port of Spain. There are 10 airlines that fly out of Piarco International airport


Air Canada Rouge

Gate 17 - A321 - Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) - @Dingus

American Airlines

Gate 1 - A321 - Miami (KMIA)
Gate 2 - A321 - Charlotte (KCLT) - @Flying_Ryan

British Airways

Gate 14 - B773 - London Gatwick (EGKK) - @Adam_Goodman
Gate 14 - B773 - London Gatwick (EGKK) - @United2 (won’t depart until event is over)

Caribbean Airlines

Gate 3 - B738 - Antigua (TAPA) - @Menthesuphisth
Gate 4 - B738 - Barbados (TBPD)
Gate 6 - B738 - Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) - @King_Tom1278
Gate 7 - B738 - Havana (MUHA)
Gate 8 - B738 - Kingston (MKJP)
Gate 9 - B738 - Miami (KMIA)
Gate 10 - B738 - New York (KJFK) - @SirMarkieMark
Gate 11 - B738 - St. Maarteen (TNCM) - @FLY_BOII31
Remote Stand 11 - St. Kitts (TKPK) - @Nicholas_Henry

Copa Airlines

Gate 12 - B738 - Panama (MPTO)


Gate 15 - A320 - For Lauderdale (KFLL) - @INFLGHT
Gate 16 - A321 - New York (KJFK) - @anon46114754

United Airlines

Remote Stand 14 - A320 - Houston (KIAH)


Remote Stand 12 - B737 - Toronto (CYYZ)

GA Aprons (Please tell me destination)

Apron 1 - @Emirates21 going to St. Maarten Grand Case

(IFATC can do it with permission from a Mod)
Ground - @ThePlaneFlyer
Tower - @ThePlaneFlyer
Departure - @anon41771314

If you sign up for tower make sure you give good and proffesinal instructions I will do a test for your skills 30 min before the event. Thanks
Image of TTPP

Have fun (Hangers will be added if need be also contact me if you want a GA gate.

My next event


Are ATC Services being provided?

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Yes they are

I believe BA use 777-200ER’s for Gatwick runs 😉.

I like the work!


I looked it up they use the 300ER they like the extra range I was confused about it 2 as I fly to Gatwick a lot.

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Ok. I will have to make up my mind when t get closer.

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So glad to see Piarco getting some love finally!! Could I have gate 15 to FLL? I believe B6 uses the 320 for that route, and I will be using callsign jetBlue 1020. Thank you in advance :)

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Weird… Gatwick is my home airport, so i just automatically guessed. They don’t use any other 777 except cargo’s. They support the A380, cargo 747, and A350 (previously supported Virgin Atlantic 747, I travelled on one from here).

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I think the speedbird 772 runs that route, and it’s almost always not direct (connecting in TAB or more commonly UVF) and then proceeds to Gatwick.

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Yes see you there. Also thanks for the tip plane has been changed to the A320

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Also to all, I want to do a route to so I will do the flight to Gatwick but others can still go because I will wait for the event to be mostly cleared up before I go. Thanks.

Could I have gate 05? First fly out ever

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You may thanks much for attending. Also gate 5 is a buffer I just put you for the flight to KFLL in gate 6 instead is that good?

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That’s fine thanks

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Can i get this gate please

I’ll take a gate!

Caribbean airlines also flies to TTCP although it is close, it is still a route.

If that is available, I’ll take that but for now, JFK

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Sign me up here please :), my callsign will be JBU1818

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Ok, thanks for attending I will put you down

Caribbean airlines or Jetblue also thanks for the ATC at LGA it was busy