[11 ATTENDING][PARTNERED WITH UPSVA] The Great Philadelphia Flyout @ KPHL 141700ZDEC19


The Great Philadelphia Flyout

Date And Time:2019-12-14T17:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Airport: KPHL

About The Event: Hello and welcome to the thread for this big PHL flyout. This is my first flyout and will probably not be quite perfect yet. I will be trying to make this as realistic and smooth as possible so if you have any suggestions on how I can especially make it more realistic please shoot me a DM so I can fix it as I do not claim to be an expert at PHL in anyway shape or form.

About PHL: The Philadelphia International Airport serves as a major airline hub on the East Coast of the United States and has hubs for American Airlines and UPS with a focus city for Frontier Airlines. This airport is the primary airport for the Philadelphia area and serves about 31.7 million passengers annually making it the busiest airport in the state of Pennsylvania and the 20th busiest airport in the US. This airport serves as the fifth biggest hub for American Airlines and is American’s main gateway to the Northeast region of the United States and it’s main gateway to Europe. In total PHL and it’s 25 airlines have about 500 daily departures from the airport to 140 destinations (102 domestic, 38 international) with these destinations being in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

NOTAMS: This event is being conducted on the Expert Server meaning you need to be on your very best professional behavior so all pilots can have a fun and realistic experience! Also, if you know of a route out of PHL that is not on my gate list but you want to fly it please let me know in the comments and I will gladly add it for you!

Gate Assignments:

Concourse A-East (American, Aer Lingus)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A2 American A320 (Sub A319) KAUS (Austin)
A3 American A320 (Sub A319) KPVD (Providence)
A4 American A321 KBOS (Boston)
A5 American E175 (US Airways Express) KSDF (Louisville)
A6 Aer Lingus B757-200 (Generic) EIDW (Dublin)
A7 American A321 KDEN (Denver)
A8 American E175 (US Airways Express) CYHZ (Halifax)
A9 American B767-300 LSZH (Zurich)
A10 American A321 KLAX (Los Angeles)
A11 American A321 KSFO (San Francisco)
A12 American E175 (US Airways Express) KCMH (Columbus, OH)
A13 American A320 MDPC (Punta Cana)
Concourse A-West (American, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A14 American E175 (US Airways Express) KBNA (Nashville)
A15 Qatar B777-200LR (Sub A350) OTHH (Doha) @Captain_Tank
A16 Lufthansa B747-400 EDDF (Frankfurt) @Adam_Goodman
A17 British Airways B747-400 EGLL (London Heathrow)
A18 American B767-300 KMIA (Miami)
A19 American B767-300 EHAM (Amsterdam)
A20 American B757-200 TIST (St. Thomas)
A21 American A320 TNCA (Aruba)
A22 American B767-300 EGCC (Manchester, UK)
A23 American B767-300 TJSJ (San Juan)
A24 American A330-300 (Generic) LIRF (Rome Fiumicino)
A25 American A330-300 (Generic) LFPG (Paris Charles De Gaulle)
A26 American A330-300 (Generic) LEMD (Madrid Barajas) @Brave_pilot
Concourse B (American)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B1 American E175 (US Airways Express) KMHT (Manchester, NH)
B2 American A321 KORD (Chicago O’Hare)
B3 American A321 KLAS (Las Vegas)
B4 American A321 KCLT (Charlotte)
B5 American E175 (US Airways Express) KBUF (Buffalo)
B6 American A320 (Sub A319) KRSW (Ft. Myers)
B7 American A321 KPHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor)
B8 American A321 KMCO (Orlando)
B9 American E190 (Generic) KATL (Atlanta)
B10 American A320 KPBI (West Palm Beach)
B11 American E190 (Generic) KDCA (Washington National)
B12 American E175 (US Airways Express) KHVN (New Haven)
B13 American A320 (Sub A319) KRDU (Raleigh/Durham)
B14 American A320 (Sub A319) KJAX (Jacksonville, FL)
B15 American E175 (US Airways Express) KOKC (Oklahoma City)
B16 American E175 (US Airways Express KIAH (Houston Bush)
Concourse C (American)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C17 American E175 (US Airways Express) KMCI (Kansas City)
C18 American B737-800 KDFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth)
C19 American A321 KSEA (Seattle/Tacoma)
C20 American A321 KSAN (San Diego)
C21 American A320 (Sub A319) KMSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
C22 American E175 (US Airways Express) KMEM (Memphis)
C23 American A320 KFLL (Ft. Lauderdale)
C24 American E190 (Generic) KLGA (New York LaGuardia) @KC_Aviation
C25 American A320 (Sub A319) KPIT (Pittsburgh) @Tyler_Cehelsky
C26 American E175 (US Airways Express) KBTV (Burlington)
C27 American A320 (Sub A319) KTPA (Tampa)
C28 American E175 (US Airways Express) KCVG (Cincinnati)
C29 American A320 (Sub A319) KMSY (New Orleans)
C30 American E175 (US Airways Express) KIND (Indianapolis)
C31 American A320 (Sub A319) KPWM (Portland, ME)
Concourse D (Air Canada, Alaska, Delta, United)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D1 Air Canada CRJ200 CYUL (Montreal Trudeau)
D3 United B737-700 KIAH (Houston Bush) @unitedguy19
D4 Alaska B737-900 KSEA (Seattle/Tacoma)
D5 Air Canada E175 CYYZ (Toronto Pearson)
D6 Alaska A320 KSFO (San Francisco)
D7 United A320 KORD (Chicago O’Hare) @Bray
D8 Delta A319 KMSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
D9 United A320 KSFO (San Francisco)
D10 Delta E170 KBOS (Boston) @InfiniteFlight48
D11 United B737-900 KDEN (Denver)
D12 Delta B737-800 KATL (Atlanta) @SpeedSD
D13 United B737-900 KORD (Chicago O’Hare)
D14 Delta A321 KDTW (Detroit) @DeltaMD88Fan
D15 Delta B737-900 KSLC (Salt Lake City) @TheDeltaFlyerr
D16 Delta CRJ200 KCVG (Cincinnati) @Alex_Kyte
Concourse E (Frontier, jetBlue, Southwest, Spirit)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E1 Spirit A320 (Sub A319) KDFW (Dallas/Ft. Worth)
E2 jetBlue A320 KFLL (Ft. Lauderdale)
E3 Spirit A320 KMCO (Orlando)
E4 jetBlue E190 KBOS (Boston)
E6 Frontier A320 KDEN (Denver) @KGJT-9149
E7 Frontier A320 KAUS (Austin) @vegasaviation
E8 Frontier A321 TJSJ (San Juan)
E10 Frontier A320 KTPA (Tampa) @NathanD
E11 Southwest B737-700 KBNA (Nashville)
E12 Southwest B737-700 KMDW (Chicago Midway)
E13 Southwest B737-700 KSTL (St. Louis)
E14 Southwest B737-700 KPHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor)
E15 Southwest B737-800 KDAL (Dallas Love)
E16 Southwest B737-700 KATL (Atlanta)
E17 Southwest B737-800 KMCO (Orlando) @JuanCrafter_Pro
Concourse F (American)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F1 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KAVP (Wilkes-Barre/Scranton)
F2 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KBGR (Bangor)
F3 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KBWI (Baltimore)
F4 American CRJ900 KBHM (Birmingham, AL)
F5 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) CYUL (Montreal Trudeau)
F6 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KABE (Allentown/Bethlehem)
F7 American CRJ700 KGSP (Greenville/Spartanburg)
F9 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KMKE (Milwaukee)
F11 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KROC (Rochester, NY)
F12 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KLEX (Lexington, KY)
F13 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KCLE (Cleveland)
F14 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KSCE (State College)
F15 American CRJ200 KORF (Norfolk)
F16 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KGSO (Greensboro, NC)
F17 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KALB (Albany, NY)
F18 American CRJ200 KDAY (Dayton)
F19 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KSWF (Newburgh, NY)
F20 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KITH (Ithaca)
F21 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KCHO (Charlottesville)
F22 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KISP (Long Island/Islip)
F23 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KPHF (Newport News)
F24 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KRIC (Richmond)
F25 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) CYQB (Quebec City)
F26 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KMDT (Harrisburg, PA)
F27 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KSYR (Syracuse)
F28 American CRJ700 KCHS (Charleston, SC) @NoahM
F29 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) CYOW (Ottawa)
F30 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KSBY (Salisbury)
F31 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KTYS (Knoxville)
F32 American CRJ700 KCRW (Charleston, WV)
F33 American CRJ200 KMYR (Myrtle Beach)
F34 American CRJ700 KMSN (Madison, WI)
F35 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KART (Watertown, NY)
F36 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) KILM (Wilmington, NC)
F37 American CRJ900 KGRR (Grand Rapids)
F38 American CRJ200 (Sub E145) CYYZ (Toronto Pearson)
F39 American CRJ900 KSAV (Savannah)
Cargo Aprons (Excluding UPS) (DHL, FedEx)
Apron Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
Cargo Apron 1 DHL B757-200 KCVG (Cincinnati)
Cargo Apron 2 FedEx Express MD11 KMEM (Memphis)
Cargo Apron 3 FedEx Express MD11 KIND (Indianapolis)
Cargo Apron 4 FedEx Express B757-200 (Generic) KGSO (Greensboro, NC)
Cargo Apron 5 FedEx Express MD11 KMEM (Memphis)
Cargo Apron 6 FedEx Express MD11 KIND (Indianapolis)
UPS Aprons (UPS)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
UPS Apron 1 UPS B757-200 KTPA (Tampa)
UPS Apron 2 UPS B757-200 KPBI (West Palm Beach)
UPS Apron 3 UPS B757-200 KALB (Albany, NY)
UPS Apron 4 UPS MD11 KSDF (Louisville)
UPS Apron 5 UPS B757-200 KCAE (Columbia, SC)
UPS Apron 6 UPS B757-200 KABY (Albany, GA)
UPS Apron 7 UPS B757-200 KMHT (Manchester, NH)
UPS Apron 8 UPS B757-200 KATL (Atlanta)
UPS Apron 9 UPS B757-200 KCLT (Charlotte)
UPS Apron 10 UPS B767-300 (Generic) KRFD (Rockford)
UPS Apron 11 UPS B757-200 KMSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul)
UPS Apron 12 UPS B757-200 KMCO (Orlando)
UPS Apron 13 UPS B757-200 KMIA (Miami)
UPS Apron 14 UPS B757-200 KRDU (Raleigh/Durham)
UPS Apron 15 UPS B757-200 KPIT (Pittsburgh)
UPS Apron 16 UPS B757-200 KBDL (Hartford/Springfield)
UPS Apron 17 UPS B757-200 KORD (Chicago O’Hare)
UPS Apron 18 UPS B757-200 KBUF (Buffalo)
UPS Apron 19 UPS B757-200 KBOS (Boston)
UPS Apron 20 UPS B757-200 KRIC (Richmond)
UPS Apron 21 UPS B757-200 KCLE (Cleveland)
UPS Apron 22 UPS B757-200 KMDT (Harrisburg, PA)
UPS Apron 23 UPS B767-300 (Generic) EGSS (London Stansted)
UPS Apron 24 UPS B767-300 (Generic) LFPG (Paris Charles De Gaulle)

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Gate D16 to CVG please.

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You are all set, thanks for joining!

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Can I take gate A16

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A16 to EDDF is all your’s!

Just so you know, it doesn’t matter if you have partners or not. But if your desperate for it, I’ll see what I can do for you.

I’m down. Put me on a standby if you have one though as the 14th of December is the opening day of my local ski mountain.

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Sign me up here please, SWA3458

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@JuanCrafter_Pro you are all set!

@KGJT-9149 I have you down for E6 but if you want to cancel please let me know.

ok. works for me

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Cargo aprons have now been added to this flyout.

Could I have E10 please

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You have been added, thanks for the signup!

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I’ll take a 737-7 to PHX for Southwest out of Gate E14,

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E14 is all your’s, thanks for the signup!

Your Welcome. See ya soon!

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Hi @TheDeltaFlyerr would like any american gate to NY LGA

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C24 is all your’s and you happen to be the first American Airlines signup, thanks for the signup!

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This event is now in partnership with UPS Virtual


We are now under 2 months until the event, get the spot you want now while it lasts!