(11 attending!) Grand Rapids Fly-Out @ KGRR - 111600ZMAY19


I might need to change my destination to MDW then, should still be able to attend.


Ok that’s fine. Do you want me to change it? I just didn’t want the event to be on Mother’s cuz I would probably be busy doing stuff with my mom


Yea that would be great if you could change me to go to MDW:)


A1 to Denver please!


@Joseph007 I switched your destination
@Nathan_Buzali_Attie I added you thanks for coming!
Sorry for responding late I have been busy


Get your gates NOW!!


Get your gates now!!!


Are there any A or B gates to KDEN, If yes I’ll see if I can find a irl flight to copy


There are no more Denver flights available please choose another gate


oOoOoF, I’ll find a flight


You can also choose from the list from the first post


I’ll take A7B to KMSP B739 callsign DAL739


Can I not fly GA into DEN either?


officially partnered with @Joseph007


You can fly GA into Denver


Nice! Then you can get me next to Nick with a TBM900 plz? Callsign HY-P3D


Sure can!!!


Thanks so much! See you at the event!


See you there!!!


I signed up earlier but could I get a GA gate to KDEN in a tbm 930 instead?