(11 attending!) Grand Rapids Fly-Out @ KGRR - 111600ZMAY19


@A350iscool @Matthew_20204 @JeromeJ
I have put all of you down thanks for coming!!


And terminal B is full just like that!


I know I didn’t expect it to fill up that quickly


GET your gates NOW


Get your gates now!!


Get your gates NOW gates are going fast!!


I’ll take any gate
Call sign 37389T


I put you down for gate A4 to kLGA


I’ll take a TBM-930 to KRIC.

Callsign: MR-NICK


Put you down. Thanks for coming!!


Do I have to fly a certain plane or airline


This is your route and gate


If any sea gates open up please sign me to that gate


Grand Rapids doesn’t fly direct to SEA🙃


Not what I ment. I meant swa Southwest airlines


Ok I will put you on standby for Southwest
If that doesn’t open up would you like any other gate?


No thank you. I’m sticking with southwest


Ok I will make sure you are first to get any southwest gate 🙂


Thanks for doing that😀


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@A350iscool @Gavin_cx @InfiniteNick @A350iscool @Matthew_20204
EVENT is now MAY 11th moved it since May 12th is Mother’s day