[11 Attendees!][Partnered with IFGAC and Plane And Pilot] The Zell am See Formation Flight! @ LOWZ 101430ZNOV19


Aircraft: Cessna 208, TBM 930, Cessna 172, Cirrus SR22, XCUB
Spawn in: 1425Z November 9th
Start Taxi: 1430Z November 9th
Flight Time 45 Minutes
Server Expert


  • Please Maintain 3-5NM spacing
  • Please stick with the group
  • You must do Touch and Go’s at LOIK and ED05


Hey Everyone! Welcome to my event today we will be doing a formation flight around the incredible Zel Am See ski Resort! This flight will hopefully be pretty memorable with great scenery and darting through canyons, this one is sure to be a fun one! All pilots joining will takeoff at LOWZ and use the flight plan that is pre made to go in a circle around LOWZ, we will be doing Touch and go’s at LOIK and EDO5! I hope you enjoy this event because I had a very fun time making it!


I was flying around Innsbruck a couple weeks ago and found this little airport, it had a really fun approach and was one of the most scenic places I had ever been in Infinite Flight! It was just incredible and was only suitable for General Aviation aircraft thought so I thought why not make a General Aviation flight through the incredible rivers and valleys as well as Mountains. I studied up on the airport and I have learned so much from making this event! I hope you enjoy it!

Gate Assignments:

Gate User Aircraft Callsign
Apron 1 @Sashaz55 TBM-930 N186BC
Apron 2 @Dylan_M C172 N372DM
Apron 3 @Butter_Boi TBM-930 LLL001
Grass Center
Gate User Aircraft Callsign
Grass Center 1 @Jakub_Smolen TBM-930 LHR344
Grass Center 2 @ButterAllDay TBM-930 BUTTER
Grass North
Gate User Aircraft Callsign
Grass North 1 @KGJT-9149 XCUB N530QB
Grass North 2 @PlaneCrazy XCUB N202PC
Grass East
Gate User Aircraft Callsign
Grass East 1 @Brady_Gourgues TBM-930 N825DP
Grass East 2 @Gabe_Z C208 N513MN
Grass South
Gate User Aircraft Callsign
Grass South 1 @Nicholas_Henry TBM-930 H-ENRY
Grass South 2 @Matei27 TBM-930 N27MTI
Grass West
Gate User Aircraft Callsign
Grass West 1 @David_Mullen SR-22 N76VT
Grass West 2
Grass West 3
Grass West 4
Grass West 5
Grass West 6
Fuel Station


The Flight Details:

Flight Plan


LOWZ Departure


LOWZ Arrival


LOWZ Ground Map


Finishing Up:

I really hope you enjoy my event, I put a lot of time into this! Their are some people I want to thank for all of the help that they gave me! Thanks @Dylan_M for helping out with the event thread and @Piazza for the inspiration from his formation event, Thanks so much guys!


20190509_204439 | 20190509_204401 | 20190509_204418 | 20190509_204510

This event is now partnered with the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club! The IFGAC aims to bring uniqueness into Infinite Flight by being the sole International General Aviation Club! This club intends to bring pilots closer by doing what they love - flying! With no routes, pilots can fly freely and enjoy aircraft that they couldn’t explore before within other VA’s. With all of their staff intended to be all real life pilots (Of some sort), the IFGAC hopes to bring high professionalism into this VA Community, and they do!

Website | Join IFGAC

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I’ll take a gate in the C172, N372DM

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Thanks for coming, you have Apron 2.

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I’ll take Apron 3 in a TBM-930. LLL001

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Yep! Thanks for coming!

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i might join not sure yet

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Ok I will put you down for Standby. Aircraft and callsign?

TBM 930 - Callsign LHR344

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Ok thanks for coming!

I should be available for it for definite

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Great! Glad to hear!

This event is now sponsored by Plane And Pilot!

Sign me up! I’ll take the TBM930. And I’ll take this gate please.

This event sounds very fun and I can’t wait to have a nice GA hop! See you there 😊

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Thanks for coming! It’s gonna be a great time!

Oh sorry @Sashaz55 forgot to tell you, my callsign will be BUTTER 😏, not kidding that’s my GA callsign 😂

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And do I spawn in 10:25 AM NY time?

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Yep, that’s correct.

Ok, see you there!

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Make sure to put BUTTER in all caps 😉

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For those of us who suck at reading Zulu, what date is this 😂

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