11/27 Airbus 318 & 319 Release FNF


This week we celebrate the long awaited release of the Airbus 318 & 319. FDS has done it again with a fantastic livery list and stunning airport upgrades! Join us in South Florida, flying a route of your choice, as we introduce the new Airbus to the Infinite Flight skies!

Full ATC will be provided on the Advanced Server to assist with procedures and traffic flow. Failure to follow ATC instruction will lead to ghosting. Save procedures on a second device or take notes for the event.

Keep it realistic, follow the procedures, and stay tuned for the official IF event post!


They come from real world plates. These two particular routes are a mixture of real routes from flight aware and the airport approach plates. I do many hours of research before building these routes! :)


Wow thats awesome!

your hard work is never missed and for sure people enjoy, I bet you get frustrated when people like me don’t understand the routes you kindly make for us to fly and to enjoy

I appreciate the kind words! If you ever want clarification, please feel free to message me or comment. I am also very open to feedback. Ultimately these routes are about you all and I want them to improve your event experience!


Awesome Tyler! I’ll be there in my frontier a318 :)

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I understand this route, thanks anyway:}

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Can’t wait I’ll be there in my a318 ACJ1

Max Ask’s; @Tyler_Shelton… Can GA Play or due I get vectored to infinity by Approach or ghosted?
Florida (KRSW & KFMY) is my home turf and rarely serviced. I’ll even Fly a 22 or 208.

(New Equip not available yet)

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Feel free to fly some GA to your home airports but I wouldn’t expect to get a 172 into TPA or MIA at peak hours! I’ll brief comtrollers to allow some lower level GA flights.


If there is Air France , I shall buy :)

There is an Air France A318. You won’t be disappointed!

Well, I guess I’ll be at KLAX 25R , in like 5 minutes, ehe…

I don’t know if I should spend $5 on SFL though… but I wanna fly with you guys!

Ahh! Decisions decisions!

Running to the store for iTunes card for my A318/9 now!

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@Tyler_Shelton. Thanks for the accommodation. Will work out of KOPE (Opa Locka) & KTMB (Taamiami). Want to experiment w/ some camera work via TransitIons over KMIA (Miami) during high temp ops. Max

( intend use Datum Alt 25/2600’ MSL)


Great! Just request a transition with the tower and you’ll be all set. Enjoy, Max!


Why isn’t it out for amazon yet

Flew a real world route with the a320 a yesterday. I’m pumped for this. I love that most of the waypoints are consistent with the real ones

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