11.000+ Hrs of Infinite Flight

Hi Everyone

in the Last years i flown so many routes in IF and discovery nearly the whole Planet. but i still think there are Airports left that i didn’t visit so i will continue my journey through the Clouds and high above the terrain.

somtimes i will also continue in an C130 some feet above terrain. from beginning of my IF journey till today i learned so much about aviation and still learning new Stuff.

also like many of us i started as a noob taking violations like Cookies till i finally knew it wasn’t good to collect them. then i started to learn how to avoid them and so on. these Days i am still counting some Violations from last year but those arent violation from my beginning.

so i just have to thank so many people that i can’t tagg them all here. just thanks to the most important people who always supported me in those 11.000+ hours of flying.

Special Thanks to @iidvdii for the very nice Flight time challenge. i will continue this when getting new device or the bug is fixed then we can continue the battle 😉.

also Thanks to all IFATC big shout out for all the great work. keep it going your doing hard work.

i love to fly in IF and will continue.

Thanks and we’ll see us in The Skys of IF


Congratulations! Well you’re a little over a thousand hours above me.

The one thing I love about Infinite Flight is that regardless of the amount of time you have spent playing it, there will always be something, and somewhere new just around the corner, whether it is somewhere unexplored in the GA days, to an update with some of the best new features out there!


Yeah theres still new stuff to explor even with so many flown hours. as you mentioned it could be an GA Flight and you discover an small Airport that hase nice scenery around and it just looks so good to land there or an Update that brings an new or reworked Aircraft, new Scenery or as it will be Terminals this will make so much more fun to explore all those Airports in an completely new way and will again take thousands of hours to explore them. IF will never get boring.


11000…That’s a big number, congratulations @CrazyBee! I saw you some times in the sky and im still impressed of how many crazy numbers you can achieve, its amazing.

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I congratulate you for this great achievement my friend for this number of flying hours.
You are one of the pilots I have known with this simulator and have the determination and determination to reach the highest level.
As for knowledge and aviation, I myself am still learning a lot.
Most of the violation I got were before the global , which is the bad point of my record .
Congratulations dear again you are in right way .


Wow! Amazing!👏

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Thanks, yeah i saw you as well in the sky.

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Yeah same with the viaolations for me i have an total of about 340+ or so most coming from pre global time and first Training Server flights. now i just hav 20 left on the 1 year count and they are going down last year was terrible with crashes and Overspeed 😅

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