10SEP22 / 0900Z - Regular's Run September! @YSSY

Welcome to the first ever edition of Regular’s Run! Regular’s Run is a brand new event series that will be held monthly and it’s aim… to further increase community engagement whilst exploring breathtakingly beautiful parts of the world. Regular’s Run events will be hosted by a Regular from the Infinite Flight Community and they will act as the flight lead throughout the duration of the flight.

Event Details

Departure Airport: YSSY (Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport)

Arrival Airport: YPAD (Adelaide International Airport)

Date & Time: 2022-09-10T09:00:00Z

Server: Expert Server


If you would like to assist in the smooth operation of the event and take a frequency please comment on this thread or PM directly with your requested frequency or frequencies.

YSSY ATC Frequencies

YSSY Ground:
YSSY Tower:
YSSY Approach/Departure:
Melbourne Center:

YPAD ATC Frequencies

YPAD Ground:
YPAD Tower:
YPAD Approach/Departure:
Melbourne Center:


Please ensure to follow all ATC instructions at all times to avoid any violations.

Please ensure to maintain appropriate aircraft separation from other pilots at all times.

Ensure to add this event to your calendar to assist you in remembering the date and time as you don’t want to miss out on the fun!

Talking about fun, the most important thing of all… have fun!


I would like to join 🙂🙂

Fantastic! Look forward to seeing you there!


this sounds fun! I’ll try to be there ;) Are there any specific airlines/aircraft to use?

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YES, love this route, as it arrives at my hometown, but I don’t whether i will join for sure, but I will let you know when the day comes!


No specific airlines or aircraft to use. We just recommend to be realistic and pick an airline and aircraft that flies that route in real life.

No worries mate. Hope to see you there!

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Can’t wait for this event.
It’s going to be great.
Time to find some ATC.
To assist you from your gate!

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I’m hosting a YPAD fly out event at 0000z 10 Sep and I only just found out this was happening

… also if you like the sound of my event, check it out here

10 Days To Go!

Hey everyone, there is only 10 days to go until this event kicks off and we would love to see you join us to explore the beautiful country of Australia.

We’re also still looking for members of the IFATC team who would be interested in staffing the frequencies listed above in the original post.

Comment on this thread if you are interested and let us know which frequencies.

Hope to see you all there!

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I should be able to make it, it’s probably more likely than not at this stage

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

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I’m fly to YSSY in my event and hopefully back to YPAD in this event, I’ll think of it as a 7 hour turnover

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