10SEP2022/ 1800Z / Crossroads of the the West @KSLC

Hello and welcome to The crossroads of the west, Hosted by @United403 and @Capt_Wes at the Beutiful Salt lake city international airport! Salt lake city is the capital of “Beehive state” Utah in the middle of the amazing Rocky mountains. Please Join me on Saturday, September 10th to celebrate this amazing city.


Salt lake city

KSLC airport

Training Server
1800Z, 12pm MST

Gate assignments

Concourse A

A1) Delta - (Albuquerque ABQ) A319
A2) Delta - (Anchorage ANC) B739
A3) Delta - (Atlanta ATL) B763
A4) Delta - (Boise BOI) A319
A5) Delta - (Cancún México) A320
A6) Delta - (Detroit DTW) B738
A7) Delta - (Fort Lauderdale FLL) B757
A8) Delta - (Jackson Hole JAC) A319
A9) Delta - (Las Vegas LAS) B757 @NvAviator
A10) Delta - (Mexico City) A321
A11) Delta - (Long Beach LGB) A223 @United403
A12) Delta - (New Orleans MSY) B738 @Avaitor1 A13)Delta - (San Francisco SFO) A223
A14) Delta - (Washington National DCA) b757
A15) Delta - (Seattle SEA) B739
A16) Delta - (Nashville BNA) B757
A17) Delta - (Vancouver YVR) A319
A18) Delta - (Portland PDX) A223
A19) Eurowings Discover - (Frankfurt EDDF) A333
A20 - Delta - (Tampa TPA) B739
A21) Delta - (Paris CDG) A339
A22) Delta - (New York JFK) B757 @Planecrazy747 A23) Delta - (Guadalajara Mexico) A319
A24) Delta - (San Diego SAN) A223 @Avocado_Aviator A25) Delta - (Amsterdam AMS) A339

Concourse B

B1) Southwest - (Austin AUS) B738
B2) Southwest - (Burbank BUR) B737-700
B3) Southwest - (Chicago MDW) B738
B4) Southwest - (Las Vegas LAS) B738 @Butter575
B5) Southwest - (Oakland OAK) B738
B6) Southwest - (Sacramento SMF) B738
B7) Southwest - (San Jose SJC) B738 @Chaseelliottfan9WG
B8) Southwest - (Orange County SNA) B737-700
B9) Southwest - (St Louis STL) B738
B10) Southwest - (Dallas DAL) B738
B11) JetBlue - (Boston BOS) A321
B12) JetBlue - (New York JFK) A321
B13) JetBlue - (Fort Lauderdale FLL) A321
B14) JetBlue - (Orlando MCO) A321
B15) United - (Chicago ORD) A320
B16) United - (Denver DEN) A320 @jwhetten11
B17) United - (Houston IAH) B739
B18) United - (Newark EWR) B739
B19) United - (San Francisco SFO) B739
B20) Sprit - (Orlando MCO) A321
B21A) Air Canada - (Toronto YYZ) A223 @AirCanada11

Hard stand C gates

C1) A.A - (Charlotte CLT) A321
C2) A.A - (Chicago ORD) A321
C3) A.A - (Dallas DFW) A321 @AmericanB738
C4) A.A - (Philadelphia PHL) A321
C5) A.AEagle - (Chicago ORD) Crj 900
C6) A.AEagle - (Los Angeles LAX) Crj 700
C7) A.AEagle - (Phoenix PHX) Crj 700
C8) A.AEagle - (Dallas DFW) Crj 700

Hard stand D gates, Delta Connection

D1) D.C - (Billings BIL) Crj 200
D2) D.C - (Bozeman BZN) Crj 200
D3) D.C - (Casper CPR) Crj 200
D4) D.C - (Cedar City CDC) Crj 200
D5) D.C - (Elko EKO) Crj 200
D6) D.C - (Eugene EUG) Crj 200
D7) D.C - (Lewiston LWS) Crj 200
D8) D.C - (Idaho Falls IDA) Crj 200
D9) D.C - (Moab CNY) Crj 200
D10) D.C - (Pocatello PIH) Crj 200
D11) D.C - (Rapid City RAP) Crj 200
D12) D.C - (St. George SGU) Crj 200 @Aviation2929
D13) D.C - (Twin Falls TWF) Crj 200
D14) D.C - (Jackson Hole JAC) Crj 700
D15) D.C - (West Yellowstone WYS) Crj 200

If anyone wants to provide ATC, it is very very Appreciated!

Ground @Capt_Wes
Tower @Capt_Wes
Approach @Aviation_J_YT
Departure @Aviation_J_YT
SLC center
DEN center

As always, thanks for joining and Happy flying
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Great event! I will take Ground and Tower!

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What time is this at? Also please provide the tags in the top

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12:00pm MST

Ok that’s 2:00 pm my time

If you’d like to sign up, there are many gates to choose from

Yeah I’m trying to decide what gate are you gonna do?

I will probably take DL to Long Beach

Can I take this please?

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Yes of course!!

My home airport!!! So joining!

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I love the new terminal!!!

Yessir! I have to convince my parents to get another month subscription cause mine is gonna run out soon. Hopefully they accept!

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The subscription is always worth it

I have 2 dollars left on my account

Go ahead and give me this too

@United403 I may do APPR

Of course, thanks for contributing

I was born in SLC! I’ll take B16-United A320 to Denver. Can’t wait!

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Great choice!! Gotta love the mile high City

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