10OCT21 / 1700Z - VA celebration flyout @ Madrid (LEMD)

Please join us for an amazing flyout from the brand new 21.5 3D airport, MADRID (LEMD)!


Basic Information:
Server: Expert
Time: 1700Z
Departure Airport: Madrid LEMD

Many VAs are sponsoring too.

Here is the VA reserved gate map:




EasyJet virtual is the first one on this list, I myself am in this amazing VA and is one of if not my favourite all time VA, they fly to so many wonderful places and of course has such a great team

EasyJet Virtual Airline

Welcome to the NEW easyJet Virtual Thread on Infinite Flight Community!

Apply Here



Welcome everyone to our new thread! easyJet Virtual is one of the communities leading Virtual Airlines & we are all so proud of how far we have come over the years. easyJet Virtual is always looking for new ways to improve & give you that Virtual Airline experience that YOU have been looking for & we thank you all for taking the time to read our thread. Artem Frolov the Founder has done such an amazing job founding easyJet Virtual & his legacy still lives on. In 2019 Iyren Maddix took over the role as Chief Executive & has no plans to step away from the role anytime soon as our time at EZYVA is getting better day by day.



Our Crew Center is based on VA Base where pilots can Find & File flights so you can keep track of yours & other pilots within the VA! We also use Airtable along with the built in dispatch system so its easier for you to find flights & navigate through with ease. You can find out more to do with our rank structure when you Join the VA as we don’t want to bombard you with too much information in one go about our ranks!


Chief Executive Officer - Iyren Maddix @easyWig
Chief Operating Officer - Adam Oyston @AdamMarcOyston
Chief Supporting Officer - Josh Delarge @Josh_104
Recruitment Manager - Harrison Townsend @DJHTmusic05

OverPage-0 11

easyJet is partnered with many airlines throughout the world through their Worldwide by easyJet Scheme which connects customers throughout Europe & places such as the United States, Asia, Canada & many more!
Our codeshare airlines are:

Take a look at our route map below to see where we fly to throughout Europe!

OverPage-0 15

Here at easyJet Virtual we have a range of schemes for our pilots to use to keep things fresh & to give you more flexibility to keep you stuck in & motivated with us! We have easyJet Vacations where pilots can get bonus flight time if they fly the routes featured on the sheet! Its a great way for you to climb up the ranks and unlock more aircraft along the way!

We also have adopted the easyJet Plus idea & implemented it into our VA to give our Gold award pilots the extra perks that they deserve!


Apply here! & join easyJet Virtual today to improve your Infinite Flight experience! All Applicants must be:
Aged 13 or above
Must be GRADE 3 or above
A VALID live pro-subscription
Access to Discord
The Ability to log ONE flight every 30 days

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EasyJet Reserved Gates

For this one, I picked the real EasyJet LEMD airports!


Ryanair Virtual Airline

Ryanair Virtual is an amazing VA based in Dublin, the’ve got hundreds of destinations around the world and i’m so happy to be a member of their!

Ryanair Virtual Airline

Welcome to the new Ryanair Virtual - Ryanair VA is back!


Ryanair VA is a Virtual Airline founded in early June,

conceived and founded by Lorenzo, one of the best-known and most used companies in Europe. Our advantages are the reproduction of the real European Ryanair wheels.

Especially since Ryanair covers all of Europe.

It forms the largest part of the Ryanair Holdings family of airlines and has:

Ryanair UK, Buzz, Malta Air, and Lauda as sister airlines.

‘‘Hi everyone, I’m Lorenzo president of Ryanair Virtual. This is the one for you, Ryanair Virtual offers you the experience of being able to fly across Europe from north to south, east and west. Realism, professionalism, and fun are what we offer you!’’

Our fleet consists of Ryanair’s main aircraft: the classic 737-800, used for all Ryanair routes. The very simple and classical plane, which carries hundreds of passengers across Europe. Then we have Lauda, which with its A319-100 in Airberlin livery, also carries hundreds of passengers throughout Europe, a very practical and comfortable aircraft, a European classic. Air malta operates in generic livery, also a 737-800. From the Malta Hub, it connects routes throughout Europe. All AirSun, Buzz routes. They are operated by Ryanair 737-800 aircraft.

A domestic fleet is very very suitable for the routes we maintain.

Within Ryanair Virtual, we have a simple but sophisticated rank system for the community within Infinite Flight.

Trainee - 0h

The Trainee is the first rank, how you start your career as a virtual pilot with Ryanair Virtual.

Second Officer - 20h

The Second Officer rank is the first stage of the adventure with Ryanair Virtual. This rank is reached with 20 hours of flight.

First Officer - 50h

The First Officer is the grade where you begin to feel the career. This rank is reached with 50 hours of flight.

Captain - 80h

The Captain Rank is where you unlock the beautiful A319-100 operating Lauda routes. This rank is reached with 80 hours of flight.

Compared to reality,

Ryanair serves three hubs in Europe: Dublin International Airport, London Stansted Airport, and Milan Bergamo Orio al Serio Airport. Having many bases all over Europe, we manage to break the competition in routes. With more than 500 routes, we cover all of Europe from east to west.

We do have more than 3000 routes and they are growing!

President: @LorenzoBefumo

Deputy President: Vacant

Human resources Manager: @Finley_a350

Recruit Manager: vacant

Event Manager: @vaxo_mumladze

Flight Supervisor: Vacant

Public Relations Manager: Vacant

**To optimize everything Ryanair will use a website designed by themselves. The site is very intuitive and simple, a R


This text will be hidden

yanair classic.**

As an official method we use Discord, very useful and known by everyone, where you can meet other riders and communicate with the staff.

Email: ryanairvaif.eu@gmail.com

tag: @SaudiaVirtual, @AirEuropaVirtual

Come with us!

Low fares, made simple


This Thread has been made by the staff of Ryanair Virtual and @Baba , all rights are reserved. Ryanair Virtual is not affiliated with Ryanair Holdings.

Ryanair Reserved Gates

Etihad Virtual Airline

Etihad Virtual is a completely unique VA that I truly appreciate and love, their staff members and pilots are one of the most professional ones I’ve seen!

Etihad Virtual Airline

Etihad Virtual Airways

From Abu Dhabi to the World…


Website | Apply Here | IFVARB

Etihad Airways Virtual was founded by @Amaar_Viqar in 2018 & since then it has been a popular VA on IFC. After 2 years of inactivity, now in 2021, we (as a team) with the same ambition & dedication decided to bring the VA back to life again.

Here at Etihad Airways Virtual, we promise to deliver excellent service to the member of IFC joining our VA. We wish to make this VA one of the leading VA under the IFVARB & Infinite Flight Community.
With new routes, more codeshares & redesigned IFATC Schedule, we will feature the new experience of flying here!

Our main focus will be the 3 day event every week which are mentioned below:
Thursday - Fly Etihad: where we will fly to exciting destinations flown by Etihad Airways ,
Saturday - Codeshare Day: where we will feature unique routes from our Codeshare Database &
Sunday - After Dark Flight: where members who cannot join the other two events due to time constraints may wish to join group flights during late-night hours .

So, what are you waiting for? Join us & help us become the Best VA on Infinite Flight Community…

Senior Executives

Staff VA Designation
@Omkar_Rathi Chief Executive Officer [CEO]
@Mayank_Pawar Chief Operating Officer [COO]
Reserved Head of Internal Affairs [HIA]
@Captainflight Head of External Affairs [HEA]


Staff VA Designation
Recruiting HR Manager [HRM]
@KCAviation Routes Manager [RM]
@minimaster Events Manager [EM]
Recruiting Media Manager [MD]
Recruiting Flight Instructor [FI]
Recruiting VA Moderator [VM]

Etihad Airways Virtual Presents you with 2 modes to choose from. With these 2 modes, you can choose to follow any model and fly non-stop with us. The modes are as follows:

Here pilots will have a basic structure to follow & grow within the VA. As you fly with us, you will earn your flight hours and unlock new routes & aircraft as you you rank up! Also, pilots may wish to participate in our exclusive events which will be hosted 3 times a week ( see Our Mission Section above for more ). Flying events in a group will earn you pilot rewards & extra multipliers! As you rank up, you will be crowned as the Elite Member of Etihad Airways Virtual.

Here pilots will follow a structured outline of routes by Etihad Airways & Codeshare Airlines. This will unlock after a certain rank & special multiples will be provided. These routes will be hand-picked by our staff. It’s basically hopping on & off all major destinations across the globe. For Example: OMAA - LTFM - EGLL & so on.

Etihad Airways Main Hub: Abu Dhabi International Airport [OMAA]

Our Fleet

We have an excellent fleet of aircraft to choose from, which unlocks the capability to fly anywhere around the world. Our Codeshare Airlines will also enable us to fly to destinations never flown before!

Our Etihad Airbus A330F, A340 & A380 will be available to Etihad Elite Members Only .

Our Discord

Etihad Airways Virtual uses an application called Discord for all internal communications. It’s a great way for pilots from all over the world to exchange conversations for getting to know each other, share stories, and even plan a group flight. Also, we use it to keep everyone informed about things going on (For Example # announcements, # ROTW & many more) in the VA community.


For all external communications, we use the Infinite Flight Community to update our community members. Follow our IFC Account to keep in touch & for more latest updates!

Region Codeshare Airlines
Spain Air Europa
France Air France - KLM
New Zealand Air New Zealand
Italy Alitalia
Japan All Nippon Airways
China China Airlines
Indonesia Garuda Indonesia Virtual
Malaysia Malaysian Virtual
Bahrain Gulf Air
India Jet Airways Virtual
Jordan Royal Jordanian
Europe Airbus Virtual
Saudi Arabia Saudia Virtual
Australia Virgin Australia Virtual
Pakistain Pakistain International Airlines
Greece Aegean Virtual
Russia S7 Airlines

Your Requirements

Must be 13 years or above.
Purchased an Infinite Flight Pro subscription.
Not blacklisted by the IFVARB.
Must be at least Grade 3 or above.
Must fly once every month.
Able to download & use Discord (for Communication Purposes).


Website | Apply Here | Contact Us | IFVARB



EYV Approved & Started on: May 06, 2021
Status: Active as of June 26, 2021



Etihad Reserved Gates
  • Terminal 4S Gate 562 - @Mayank_Pawar
  • Terminal 4S Gate 564 - @Omkar_Rathi
  • Terminal 4S Gate 565 -
  • Terminal 4S Gate 566 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 568 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 570 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 572 - @Airbuss
  • Terminal 4S Gate 573 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 574 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 576 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 577 - Pilot Name:

Iberia Virtual Airline

Even if I am personally not a member in this VA, I can assure you that it’s one of the best virtual arlines in the whole Europe

Iberia Virtual Airline

Welcome to Iberia Virtual

Bienvenidos a Iberia Virtual

Join us! | Website


Welcome to Iberia Virtual, founded in February 2021 we are a relatively new Virtual Airline with lots on offer, from exciting codeshares to an extremely unique route network and fleet flying some of the most updated and modern aircraft Infinite Flight has on offer. We operate based on the real world Iberia and are also a proud member of the oneworld Virtual Alliance.

No matter where you are from or no matter what background you have you will always be welcomed into our amazing community at Iberia, hosting regular internal and community events there is always something on offer.

We are proud of our small but close staff team, full of knowledge and passion in what they do they will always be able to offer a helping hand no matter what the situation.

Iberia Virtual has a small and diverse staff team always ready to assist our pilots and ensure we have the best on offer, we like to make sure we keep everyone happy and flying!

Staff Position Name
Chief Executive Officer Oscar Shaw - @15shawo
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Liam Gardener - @Liam_Gardener
Human Resources Manager Vacant - Apply on the IFVARB Portal
Recruitment Manager
Social Media Manager Vacant - Apply on the IFVARB Portal
Events Manager @Otavio

Iberia Virtual is pleased to offer a great network across the globe, ever expanding thanks to out oneworld and codeshare partners. Above is our great route map solely of Iberia routes, so the world really is your oyster when you add in the codeshare routes!

Our Partners Include

American Virtual Airlines
Malaysia Virtual
Finnair Virtual
easyJet Virtual
Air China Virtual
El Al Virtual
Korean Virtual
Qantas Virtual

We are proud members of the oneworld alliance. Founded in 2020 by @TheAviationGallery it has enabled virtual airlines to come together through routes, events and codeshares as well as developing friendships and more partnerships within Infinite Flight.

Visit the official OneWorld Virtual thread here!

Join Us Here

Fill out our simple application form to become a pilot at Iberia, we can’t wait to hear from you!

Be aged 13 or over
Access to Discord and be able to access our crew centre
Agree to our Discord server rules
Have access to the Expert Server
Good standing within the Infinite Flight Community
Pass our entry quiz
Log at least one flight per month

We look forward to welcoming you onboard soon!


Iberia Reserved Gates
  • Terminal 4S Gate 544 - Pilot: @LucasFil1
  • Terminal 4S Gate 545 - Pilot:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 546 - Pilot:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 548 - Pilot:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 549 - Pilot:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 550 - Pilot:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 552 - Pilot:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 553 - Pilot:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 554 - Pilot:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 556 - Pilot:

China Airlines Virtual
*China Airlines Virtual is of course also one of the best infinite flight virtual airlines i’ve been in, so many great persons!

China Airlines Virtual


Welcome to the Official Thread of China Airlines Virtual

Creating Wonderful Moments Through Flying


Website | Instagram | Apply

China Airlines Virtual was founded on 26th of February, in the year of 2021. China Airlines started out as an idea between friends in early 2020, prior to the massive COVID-19 outbreak. During then, there simply wasn’t enough time to multi-task, now China Airlines Virtual or CIVA, has grown into a full blow VA and will strive to provide a unique and memorable experience.

With the help of our codeshare partners, we at China Airlines Virtual, are able to connect Taipei to destinations all over the world.

Our routes will allow you to explore Asia, North America, Australia, and Europe.

CIVA Executive
@Marquatzi -CEO and Founder @Kurtis - COO
CIVA Staff
@Dream_Chaser - Chief Pilot @Captain_Benjamin - Head of Internal Affairs
@Deakin_pope - Recruiter @If.ojai - HR Manager
@Hiring - Events Manager @Hiring - Routes Manager

China Airlines Virtual has every aircraft that China Airlines Group and its subsidiaries operate. This includes aircraft from Tigerair Taiwan and Mandarin Airlines.

China Airlines Virtual Mainline Fleet

Aircraft Livery Rank
Airbus A321-200 Generic Livery Second Officer
Airbus A330-300 China Airlines Livery First Officer
Airbus A350-900 China Airlines Livery Captain
Boeing 737-800 Generic Livery First Officer
Boeing 777-300ER China Airlines Livery Senior First Officer

Tigerair Taiwan Fleet

Aircraft Livery Rank
Airbus A320-200 Generic Livery Senior First Officer

Mandarin Airlines Fleet

Aircraft Livery Rank
Bombardier Q400-8 Generic Livery Senior First Officer
Embraer E190 Generic Livery Senior First Officer
Embraer E195 Generic Livery Senior First Officer

Cargo Fleet

Aircraft Livery Rank
Boeing 777-200F Generic Cargo Pilot
Boeing 747-8 Boeing Freight Cargo Pilot

Legacy Fleet

Aircraft Livery Rank
Airbus A340-600 Generic Chief Pilot
Boeing 767-300 Generic Chief Pilot
Boeing 747-200 Generic Chief Pilot
McDonnell Douglass MD-11 Generic Chief Pilot

Codeshare Fleet

Aircraft Livery Rank
Airbus A321-200 Philippines Airlines Second Officer
Airbus A319-100 Saudia Second Officer
Boeing 777-300ER Saudia Second Officer
Boeing 787-9 Saudia Second Officer
Boeing 737-800 WestJet Second Officer
Boeing 787-9 WestJet Second Officer
Boeing 777-300ER Air France Second Officer
Boeing 787-9 Air Europa Second Officer
Embraer E195 Air Europa Second Officer
Airbus A330-300 Korean Air Second Officer
Boeing 737-900 Korean Air Second Officer
Boeing 777-200ER Korean Air Second Officer
Boeing 777-300ER Korean Air Second Officer

Our Ranks

Rank Requirement
Second Officer Pass Checkride/80% on written exam
First Officer 15 - 44 Hours
Senior First Officer 45 - 99 Hours
Captain 100 - 209 Hours
Senior Captain 210 - 214 Hours
Cargo Pilot 215 - 374 Hours
Chief Pilot 375 - 624 Hours
Regional Chief Pilot 625 Hours

Here at CIVA, we run multiple programs to satisfy each pilots needs. Whether this be career mode or a normal airman program, we believe on being a VA with unique programs. Our VA consists of the following programs.

Airman Program

Like majority of other VA’s/VO’s our airman program is pretty straightforward. We have a structured ranking system and your allowed to do any flight within your rank. Each rank will have a certain amount of hours that you will need to fulfill before being able to move onto the next rank. Each rank will have routes available only at that rank.

Career Mode Program

Again career mode is pretty straightforward. In our career mode, we will have a list of routes that each pilot will have to do in order. Each pilot will have identical list in case they wish to do flights together. As you move on with career mode program, you will unlock larger aircraft and longer routes. Our career mode will have ranks you unlock after a certain amount of routes flown.

Self-Flight Program

Finally our most unique program, the self-flight program. If a pilot wishes to fly a route that isn’t in our routes database, they will be allowed to log it with our VA, but with a catch. Any flight can be logged, but with a 50% flight time deduction and filing a form prior to flying.

We at CIVA welcome you whole-heartedly. If you wish to apply as a pilot, please click here you want to join as a staff member click here .

Pilot Requirements

  • At least 13 years of age
  • An active pro subscription
  • At least TL1 on IFC
  • Access to Discord and Google suites
  • A violation to landing ratio of no more than 0.50
  • A legitimate email address

Staff Requirements

  • At least 15 years of age
  • At least TL2 on IFC
  • Be active on the Discord Server
  • Be able to do a flight once every two weeks.
  • Must be able to communicate with other staff members

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China Airlines Reserved Gates
  • Terminal 4S Gate 536 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 534 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 532 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 530 - Pilot Name:
  • Terminal 4S Gate 528 - Pilot Name:

Air Europa is also sponsoring this event!


Air Europa Reserved Gates
  • Terminal 3 Gate 319 to gate 327!

All other gates are available for non VA pilots
If you want to participate to the event, please reply to this topic by giving your wanted gate, and what route you want to fly please
EX: Can I take Terminal 3 Gate T32, my route will be Madrid-London Heathrow

The Virtual Airline event will also be handled by the represent VA staff internally!

ATC reservations

If you’d like to control this event, please contact JetWig in PM directly!


  • Please spawn 15 minutes before the event begins
  • The runways in use will be announced by ATIS on spawn
  • Please be respectful and follow ATC instructions.

*Terminal 4S Gate 502: @HUMVEE

Big thanks to:

That’s all, I really hope we can all have much fun at this event!



Hey can i get a gate to Istanbul on Turkish A330?

Thank You


Of course thanks for coming!


I think it will be good, if there will be two controllers on tower and two on ground, because airport is realy big.
P.S. i hope i will be able to provide ATC services that day

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Sure, i can add you on postpone

Can I be Aegean to Athens?

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Of course, what gate?

Oh, and if you sign up, please confirm you’re attending one hour before the event!

Hi I want to fly to lppt tap 320 at any available gate

Sure, i’ll ad you later

@Josh_104 and @jxyd_xn you have been added!

@Teized you have been added as well

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cheers matei!

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Hi! Could you book this gate please? Thanks!

Hello, these gates are reserved for easyjet’s event. Please choose any other non reserved gate

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What do you mean. It’s a flyout event. You pick the route

How do I participate with them?

Are you in any of these VAs?

No. If that’s okay, I just wanted to do this LEMD flight with them.

@easyJetVirtual are you guys ok with this person flying with you guys?

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