10OCT20 / 2200Z - The Flyout @KLAX


Summary: Ok. Everyone knows KLAX, everyone knows where it is. And before I give you
โ€œmyโ€ description of LAX copied off wikipedia(lol), I am not expecting this to be full all the way. There would be no way I could ever get that many people to come, so I would just like a decent amount of ppl to come ๐Ÿ‘ :); Los Angeles International Airport, commonly referred to as LAX, is the primary international airport serving Los Angeles and its surrounding metropolitan area.

Server: Expert Server

Airport: KLAX

Time: 10OCT20 / 2200Z or 2020-10-10T22:00:00Z

This just might be the dumbest thing iโ€™m going to try to attempt. And yes, the day of the event is a Saturday.



Terminal 1

GATE 09 - Southwest 737-700(Heart) to Houston(KHOU):

GATE 11A - Southwest 737-700(Heart) to Albuquerque(KABQ):

GATE 11B - Southwest 737-800(Canyon Blue) to San Jose(KSJC):

GATE 13 - Southwest 737-700(Heart) to Kansas City(KMCI):

GATE 15 - Southwest 737-800(Heart) to Chicago(KMDW):

GATE 17A - Southwest 737-700(Canyon Blue) to San Francisco(KSFO):

GATE 17B - Southwest 737-800(Canyon Blue) to St. Louis(KSTL):

GATE 18B - Southwest 737-700(Heart) to Nashville(KBNA):

GATE 18A - Southwest 737-800(Heart) to Phoenix(KPHX):

GATE 16 - Southwest 737-700(Illinois One) to Las Vegas(KLAS):

GATE 12A - Southwest 737-700(Heart) to Denver(KDEN):

Terminal 2

GATE 21 - Delta E170 to Tuscon(KTUS):

GATE 21B - Delta 737-800 to Los Cabos(MMSD):

GATE 23A - Virgin Atlantic 787-9 to London(EGLL):

GATE 25 - Aeromexico 787-8 to Mexico City(MMMX):

GATE 27 - Aeromexico 737-800 to Guadalajara(MMGL):

GATE 28 Delta 737-800 to Seattle(KSEA):

GATE 26: WestJet 737-800 to Vancouver(CYVR):

GATE 24: WestJet 737-700 to Calgary(CYYC):

GATE 24A: Delta A321-200 to Salt Lake City(KSLC)

GATE 22: Aer Lingus A350-900 to Dublin(EIDW)

Terminal 3

GATE 39 - Delta 737-800 to Denver(KDEN):

GATE 38B - Delta 777-200LR to Atlanta(KATL):

GATE 37B - Delta E170 to Sacramento(KSMF):

GATE 37A - Delta 757-200 to Detroit(KDTW):

GATE 36 - Delta A319-100 to Kansas City(KMCI):

GATE 35 - Delta 737-900ER to Cincinnati(KCVG):

GATE 34 - Delta 737-900ER to Tampa(KTPA):

GATE 33B - Delta 767-300 to New York(KJFK):

GATE 33A - Delta E170 to Boise(KBOI):
GATE 32 - Delta A321-200 to Atlanta(KATL):

GATE 31B - Delta E170 to Spokane(KGEG):

GATE 31A - Delta E170 to Las Vegas(KLAS):

GATE 30 - Delta 737-900 to Raleigh(KRDU):

Terminal 4

GATE 41 - American 787-9 to Dallas(KDFW)

GATE 43 - American 777-200(oneworld to Miami(KMIA)

GATE 45 - American A321-200 to Phoenix(KPHX)

GATE 47A - American A321-200 to Washington D.C.(KDCA)

GATE 47B - American 737-800 to Atlanta(KATL)

GATE 49A - American A321-200 to Honolulu(PHNL)

GATE 48X - American 787-9 to Chicago(KORD)

GATE 46C - American A321-200 to Charlotte(KCLT)

GATE 46B - American A320-200 to St. Louis(KSTL)

GATE 46A - American 737-800 to Washington D.C.(KIAD)

GATE 42B - American A321-200 to Maui(PHOG)

GATE 42A - American 737-800 to Nashville(KBNA)

GATE 40 - American A320-200 to Puerto Vallarta(MMPR)

Terminal 5

GATE 51A - Frontier A320-200(Ozzy) to Denver(KDEN):

GATE 53A - Frontier A320-200(Colorado) to Orlando(KMCO):

GATE 55 - Frontier A320-200(Hugh the Manatee) to Las Vegas(KLAS)

GATE 57 - JetBlue A321-200 to Newark(KEWR)

GATE 58 - Hawaiian Airlines 767-300 to Maui(PHOG)

GATE 56 - JetBlue A320-200 to Buffalo(KBUF)

GATE 54B - JetBlue A321-200 to Boston(KBOS)

GATE 54A - Hawaiian Airlines 767-300 to Honolulu(PHNL)

GATE 52B - Allegiant A320-200 to Cincinnati(KCVG)

GATE 52A - Spirit A320-200 to Oakland(KOAK)

GATE 50B - Spirit A320-200 to Las Vegas(KLAS)

GATE 50A - Spirit A321-200 to Houston(KIAH)

Terminal 6

GATE 61 - Alaska Airlines 737-900 to Anchorage(PANC)

GATE 63 - Alaska Airlines A320-200 to Portland(KPDX)

GATE 65A - Alaska Airlines 737-900 to Tampa(KTPA)

GATE 65B - Alaska Airlines A320-200 to Seattle(KSEA)

GATE 67 - Alaska Airlines A320-200 to Las Vegas(KLAS)

GATE 69A - Air Canada 777-200LR to Toronto(CYYZ)

GATE 69B - Air Canada A319-100 to Montreal(CYUL)

GATE 68B - Air Canada A321-200 to Vancouver(CYYZ)

GATE 68A - Air Canada A319-100 to Calgary(CYYC)

GATE 66 - Alaska Airlines 737-800 to For Lauderdale(KFLL)

GATE 64 - Alaska Airlines 737-900 to Kona(PHKO)

GATE 62 - Alaska Airlines 737-900 to Fort Myers(KRSW)

GATE 60 - Alaska Airlines 737-800 to New York(KJFK)

Terminal 7

GATE 71A - United 737-900 to Vancouver(CYVR):

GATE 71B - United A320-200 to San Francisco(KSFO):

GATE 73 - United A320-200 to Baltimore(KBWI):

GATE 75A - United 737-800 to Las Vegas(KLAS):

GATE 75B - United 737-800 to Seattle(KSEA):

GATE 77 - United 777-200 to Washington D.C.(KIAD):

GATE 76 - United 777-200 to Denver(KDEN):

GATE 74 - United 787-10 to Newark(KEWR):

GATE 72B - United 737-900 to Houston(KIAH):

GATE 72A - United 777-200 to Honolulu(PHNL):

GATE 70B - United 757-200 to Chicago(KORD):

GATE 70A - United 737-800 to Cleveland(KCLE):

Terminal 8

GATE 80 - United CRJ-700 to Aspen(KASE)

GATE 81 - United CRJ-200 to Eureka(KACV)

GATE 82 - United CRJ-200 to Prescott(KPRC)

GATE 83 - United CRJ-700 to Mammoth(KMMH)

GATE 84 - United CRJ-200 to Santa Barbara(KSBA)

GATE 85 - United CRJ-200 to San Luis Obispo(KSBP)

GATE 86A - United CRJ-200 to Monterey(KMRY)

GATE 87 - United CRJ-200 to Fresno(KFAT)

GATE 88 - United CRJ-200 to Redding(KRDD)

The Box

GATE 52A - American CRJ-700 to Reno(KRNO)

GATE 52C - American CRJ-700 to Vancouver(CYVR)

GATE 52D - American CRJ-700 to Denver(KDEN)

GATE 52E - American CRJ-700 to Tulsa(KTUL)

GATE 52F - American CRJ-700 to Oklahoma City(KOKC)

GATE 52G - American CRJ-700 to Santa Rosa(KSTS)

GATE 52H - American CRJ-700 to Seattle(KSEA)

GATE 52I - American CRJ-700 to Omaha(KOMA)

I spent a LONG time making this. I might add cargo soon. Plz sign up, and request any gate you want and ill give it to you. Hope to see you there ๐Ÿ‘

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aaaannddd i forgot TBIT. Iโ€™ll do that later

I think you can only post events that are within a month

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Yeah, @Infinite_Josh is correct.

You can only post events within 30 days of the day of the event. Therefore, you may post this on the 11th of September @KBUR_Aviation.

Thanks for complying, @Patrick_McCormack

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@PilotChrisSG and @Kyle This has already been addressed in my post above, no need to continue to critique this.


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Only one needs to address that itโ€™s off. No need to basically gang up and jump all over someone just because they posted just under 2 weeks later than the maximum. If the point has been made, donโ€™t repeat it. Think before you post.



Feel free to repost the event once itโ€™s a maximum of 30 days away. If the event is on October 10th, you can post the topic on September 10th ๐Ÿ˜Š

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