10OCT20 / 2000Z - The Palm Beaches Flyout @KPBI

The Palm Beaches Flyout

Welcome to beautiful West Palm Beach Florida! This isn’t the biggest airport in Florida, but it is very important, serving the entire county of Palm Beach. Palm Beach County is one of the biggest counties in Florida, however, the airport doesn’t get much traffic. It’s most likely because Fort Lauderdale and Miami steals everything, because of the great amount of destinations. Today, we are going to change all that and make this airport the largest in Florida at the time. We’re gonna try to fill up all the gates, and prove that Palm Beach Airport is big. Although most gates are usually unused, our goal is to have no gates unused. now, onto the stuff that you really want to see!

Server: Expert
Time: 2020-10-10T20:00:00Z

There is a putting green inside of PBI airport!

The incredible palm beaches!

Airport Map/Chart


The Gates

Below are the gates! Please leave your IFC username and the gate you want

Concourse B
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
B1 Air Canada Rouge A319 Montreal-Trudeau @Canadian_Aviator
B2 Southwest 737-700 Baltimore @ORD777flyer
B3 Southwest 737-800 Atlanta @heavy929
B4 Southwest 737-700 Washington National
B5 Southwest 737-700 Long Island/Islip @CaptainKyler
B6 American 737-800 Dallas Fort Worth
B7 American A321 Chicago-O’Hare
B8 American A320 Philadelphia
B9 United A320 Newark @CPT_HILD
B10 United 737-800 Houston-Intercontinental
B11 Allegiant A320 Asheville
B12 Allegiant A320 Indianapolis
B14 Allegiant A320 Knoxville @KTJ_Mitchell
Concourse C
Gate Airline Plane Destination Pilot
C1 Delta A319 New York-JFK
C2 Delta A319 New York-LGA
C3 Delta CRJ-900 Boston
C4 Delta 757-200 Atlanta @GameBoy_KIRB
C5 Delta A321 Detroit
C6 Delta A321 Minneapolis
C7 Frontier A320 Newark
C8 Spirit A321 Newark
C9 Frontier A320 Trenton
C10 Spirit A320 Atlantic City @DeltaFox
C11 JetBlue A321 Los Angeles
C12 JetBlue A321 New York-JFK @MJP_27
C14 JetBlue A321 New York-LGA @CaptainZac
C15 JetBlue A320 Newark @Pingu
C16 JetBlue A321 White Plains

Please enjoy! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

I’ll fly a 737-700 up to BEI. I love Palm Beach I go here a lot

Ok! I know you mean BWI

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Oh sorry didn’t see that

This gate please! Thanks!

Ill take this!

You got it!

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All yours!

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bumping this :)

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Can I get B14 please? Thanks!

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Any chance I can get C16 to KBOS with the JetBlue A321, this is better since the flight to Westchester-Co isn’t operational yet

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Can i take this one

You’ve been signed up! See you there!

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Thanks! But you put me at C14

Oops. Sorry wrong gate 😬

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This one please

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All fixed!

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All yours! (I’m sure your ceo @Z-Tube will fire you for taking that gate from him lol)

Ha first come first serve

True dat…