10OCT20 / 1900Z - HUGE Dallas Airport Flyout @KDFW [EVENT FINSIHED]


Welcome to the DFW flyout! I hope you enjoy this event! any feedback will be nice

About Dallas Airport

Dallas airport is the 3rd biggest airport for plane movement, and the 10th biggest for passenger traffic, and overall it is the second biggest airport in the USA, In DFW 50 years, it has served around 75,000,000 passengers, DFW is american airlines biggest HUB, and American airlines is the biggest One World alliance

Event Information


Main airline: American

Server: Expert

If ATC is there, please respect ATC, and i will not be responsible for ANY violation during the event



Please Note, I am using a website were it shows real world flight happening now, some routes may not show up, such as flights to Beijing, because there are no flights right now going there

You wanted more routes? you got it!

Departing Destination Aircraft / Livery Pilot
KDFW KPHX American A321
KDFW KLAS American A321
KDFW KSFO American A321
KDFW KLAX American A321
KDFW KSEA American B737
KDFW KSLC American B737 @Aviation2929
KDFW KORD American B737
KDFW KDTW American B737 @DeltaFox
KDFW KJFK American B737 @Liam06
KDFW KPHL American 772 @ORD777flyer
KDFW KMCO American A321
KDFW PHNL American B787
KDFW KSAT American B737 @GameBoy_KIRB
Departing Destination Aircraft / Livery Pilot
KDFW CYVR Air Canada CRJ900
KDFW CYYC American B737
KDFW CYUL American B737
Eroupe / Middle East
Departing Destination Aircraft / Livery Pilot
KDFW EIDW American B787
KDFW EGLL American B77W
KDFW EHAM American B787
KDFW LFPG American B772
KDFW LEMD American B772
KDFW EDDF American B772
KDFW OTHH Qatar A350
KDFW OMDB Emrates 77W
KDFW LIRF American B772 @Captain_Oblivious
Latin America
Departing Destination Aircraft / Livery Pilot
KDFW SBGR American B787
KDFW SPJC American B787
KDFW SKBO American A32X @Andres_Arevalo
South East Aisa
Departing Destination Aircraft / Livery Pilot
KDFW RJTT American B77W
KDFW RKSI American B787 @RyanPark
KDFW VHHH American B77W @Fung_Sum-sum
Australia (1 route)
Departing Destination Aircraft / Livery Pilot
KDFW YSSY Qantas A380 @sam.dus
Departing Destination Aircraft / Livery Pilot
KDFW MMMX American B737
KDFW MMMY American A32X
KDFW MMCU American CRJ700/900
KDFW MMSD American B737
KDFW MMTC American A32X
KDFW MMDO American A32X
KDFW MMPR American B737
KDFW MMSD American B737

More Routes Will be added if needed

I hope to see you all there!


Wish I could attend. I will be in Florida then.

May I fly a 777-200ER to HNL it is currently on this aircraft

Sure, American must use the 321 and the 772 for that route

But sure, I will sign you up :D

New Signup!

@ORD777flyer Thanks for signing up for…

Dallas to Honolulu!

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Thank you sir

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PHL is with an A321

HNL is with a 772

YYC is with an E175

YYZ is with a CRJ9

YUL is with an AC CRJ9

LHR is with a 77W

FRA is with a 787

All South America flights are suspended

AA flies to NRT with a 77W

JAL flies from HND

Qantas uses D16X ONLY

MEX is with an A319

MTY is with a E175

CUU is with a CRJ7

MMTC MMDO with an E175


Are there any cargo routes?

Yeah where’s my UPS routes lol

We can just leave out FedEx it’s fine

Can you do some events on casual?

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look man, i am just using flightaware.com and flightsfrom.com


My next event will be cargo when the 77F comes out :D

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Can I take a flight to MMDO?

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I will sign you up!

New Signup!

Thanks @GameBoy_KIRB for signing up for…

London to Durango!

Both of them are wrong, lol…

Then what should i use then?

Always check FR24, lol. I live near and spot at DFW all the time, I know what goes where


Ok then

In the mean time would you like to signup?

This falls on my little cousin’s birthday, so unfortunately I am unable to, sorry.

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