10MAY21/0230Z-Polar Express @ OMDB-KLAX

Aircraft and Livery: 77W and Emirates

Route: The route will be from OMDB to KLAX. Exact route can be copied from me.

Time of Departure: 10:30 pm EST or 2:30 Z

Server: EXPERT

Hey guys. I hope y’all are doing good. I was thinking about doing a long haul flight and decided to why not try a groupflight (hopefully people come to it). I will spawn on the gate at concourse A around 10:20EST or 2:20Z. I have never done a long haul with people so it would be fun if you all join.

Also if I have done some wrong formatting please let me know.

Hey. It says that “all members can host groupflights” and group events should be created by TL2+. Additionally I will change the mistakes I made for timings.

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