10MAY20 / 1900Z - Just up the Coast - Snoman's Flyout Series 6.2 @ KLGB

Snoman’s Flyout Series: Long Beach Airport Flyout Co-hosted by @Thunderbolt!

Howdy everyone! We are now well into my flyout series, Snoman’s Flyout Series! You can read about it here:

This May, the featured region is SoCal! The other events will be San Diego (SAN/KSAN) which is posted below, and Orange County (SNA/KSNA), Ontario (ONT/KONT), and Los Angeles (LAX/KLAX) which will all be posted later.

Event Co-host: @Thunderbolt

I’m super excited to be working with @Thunderbolt for not just this event, but the whole SoCal region. He is the perfect person to work with because he lives in the area!

Long Beach is a great little airport serving the LA area! It is a focus city for jetBlue and is one of the busiest GA airports in the US.

Event Info:

Server: Expert

Airport: KLGB

Time: 2020-05-10T19:00:00Z

NOTAM: Spawn 10-15 minutes before event. Respect IFATC or UNICOM, whichever is present.

Special Liveries
The following aircraft have special liveries available for the taking. Just let me know if you want one.

Southwest 737-700
  • Desert Gold
  • Illinois One
  • Shamu

IFATC Signups:

Ground: @Thunderbolt
Tower: @Thunderbolt

The Gates:

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
1 Southwest 737-700 San Jose-KSJC @BigBert10
2 Southwest 737-700 Oakland-KOAK @Mr-plane-guy1
3 Southwest 737-800 Denver-KDEN @Captain_T_Malone
4 Delta E170 Salt Lake City-KSLC @Sam73628
5 jetBlue A320 Boston-KBOS @Zuhair_Al-ajmi
6 jetBlue A320 Reno-KRNO @ORD777flyer
7 jetBlue A320 Austin-KAUS @captARK
8 jetBlue A320 Seattle-KSEA @The_Real_Plane_Spott
9 jetBlue A320 New York-KJFK @asflightreport
10 jetBlue A320 Boston-KBOS
11 jetBlue A320 Salt Lake City-KSLC @Owen_Fask

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
UPS 1 UPS 757-200 Louisville-KSDF @Dendenawesome_14

GA (More will be added if needed)
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
FBO Gulfstream 01 MD-11 Ottawa-CYOW @Thunderbolt
FBO Signature Flight Support CCX Spirit of St. Louis-KSUS @United2
GA SW 01 TBM-930 Santa Barbara-KSBA @MJP_27
GA SW 03
MIL North 01
MIL North 03
MIL North 05

What is Long Beach Airport known for?

  • The world’s tallest palm tree is located there
  • Boarding via “airstairs”
  • Being the busiest airport in California
  • None of the above

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you there!


Gonna take gate 3 if i could attend

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can i grab this gate please

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@GameBoy_KIRB and @Pilotcamcam you’re signed up!

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I will take a General Aviation gate to KSBA! Put me down with any GA plane!

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This one please I will be taking a CCX to KSUS

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@United2 you’re signed up! @MJP_27 I put you down with the TBM but I can change it, just let me know!


Hi! Can I take this gate on standby, please?

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Sure thing!

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hey @snoman. I just relized i cant fly this day. if it’s possible to take my name off the list. sorry

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No problem!

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Could I have this gate please? Going just up the coast, to my event in the Bay Area…

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Sure thing! I’m definitely going to go to your event too, I’m just going to sing up closer!

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Let’s get some more signups!

737-BBJ to Telluride (KTEX)

Can I have gate 4 to Salt Lake City

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You’re signed up!

Hey everyone (I’m tagging you all so I know you see this). So I realized that I have a conflict at this time on this day, so would you still be able to make it (at least tentatively) if I pushed it back one day (same time on Sunday the 10th)? Let me know!

  • Yes
  • No

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I won’t push it back if it messes y’all up

@Mr-plane-guy1 @GameBoy_KIRB @Sam73628 @The_Real_Plane_Spott @Thunderbolt @United2 @MJP_27


This event has been pushed back 24 hours to May 10th at 1900Z

Can I have Gate 1 to San Jose? I’ll fly the Shamu 737, thanks!

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