10MAR21 / 2030Z - CubCrafters XCub Formation Flight @ KCRQ

CubCrafters XCub Formation Flight

Aircraft: CubCrafters XCub

livery: Any


Time of Departure: 12:30 PM (PST) 1:30 PM (MT) 3:30 (ET) 8:30 PM (Zulu)

Server: Training

Additional information: Spawn at any south ramp, the active runway is 24 the wind is 10+ knots.
Spawn 10min before and copy flight plan on ramp. This is just for fun so be respectful and HAVE FUN!!! If you could reply if your going to join that would be awesome but not required.


Sounds like a fun idea. I´ll be there!

The airspeed will be 100 knots and altitude being 1,000 feet

I’ll be there too!!! (Actually can I use C172 because I can’t land Xcub?)

That’s fine 😂 I Amy have trouble to because of the wind

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I think it will be around 30-40 min

In how long is it?

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the flight will be around 30-40 minutes

did you copy the Flight plan?

I am going to speed up to 115 airspeed

I see you guys! I’m on LA CTR

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your frequency is pretty busy 😂

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Yep. You can stay off of it just stay clear of Los Angeles and San Diego class B space

Btw I live just A few miles south of KCRQ

I live just just of of the final approach of KCRQ


Oh wow dude that’s awesome!

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Thanks for coming it was fun. I am going to post photos and I will tag you so look out for that.


Also, thanks for holding this amazing event!!!

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This was a good little trip. Thanks for doing it.

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