10JUN21 0800z/1000z IFATC Oceanic Presents: Spectacular Southern Alps

This week we head down to New Zealand’s South Island and feature our humble beginnings - General Aviation! Fly anything from a Skyhawk to a Cirrus (and maybe a TBM if you’re feeling a little edgy).

image Details

Server - Expert Server
Featured Airports - NZQN | NZDN
Aircraft - GA Prop Aircraft
Event Time - 2021-06-10T08:00:00Z2021-06-10T10:00:00Z

image Airport Procedures


NZQN Procedures
NZDN Procedures


Special thanks to @MJhendo @Adam & @Chris_Hoss for formatting the thread.
Also thanks to the Oceanic team for controlling the event.


Nicely organised thread and event, I’ll probably be coming!

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Ill be there!

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Whens NZDN opening up?

Not to sure at this current time, sorry

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