10JUL21 / 2000Z - Pre-Covid Operations in The Gem of the Caribbean @TBPB

As You guys voted, TBPB won with 37, votes as seen in the following poll:

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Airport: TBPB


Runway 09 is in use. Should anything happen, 27 will be used
Be Respectful to all users during the event.
Use Assigned Liveries and Aircraft at all times.

About Barbados

Come on down here, both in real life and in the simulator! Come on down here to enjoy Surfing in Bathsheba, or enjoy sightseeing in Harrison’s Cave.


Gate Aircraft And Livery Destination Pilot
1 Generic Q400 TGPY
2 Cessna CCX TVSC
3 Generic Q400 TLPL @andrew_f0609
4 Generic TBM-930 TVSM
5 Generic TBM-930 TVSA
6 Generic Q400 TDPD
7 Generic Q400 TAPA
8 Generic Q400 TKPK
9 Generic TBM-930 TVSB
10 Generic Q400 TFFR
11 American A321-200 KMIA
12 American A320-200 KCLT 3D @Captain_T_Malone
13 Jetblue A320-200 KBOS
14 Jetblue A321-200 KJFK 3D @HUMVEE
15 JetBlue A320-200 KFLL @Aviatorwyatt
16 Air Canada A330-300 CYYZ @FlyIf_0011IFPA
17 Air Canada 767-300 CYUL
18 Westjet 737-800 CYYZ
19 Virgin Atlantic 787-9 EGLL 3D @Noobygamer2718
20 Thomas Cook 767-300 EGKK
21 TUI 787-9 EGBB
22 British Airways 777-200ER EGKK

Don’t want to fly passenger? Check Out the Light Airplane Club! Here you can fly GA of any sort! whether it’s a XCub to a C-208!

General Aviation
Gate Aircraft And Livery Destination Pilot
GA Apron 1 XCub Your Choice TLPL @David_Mullen
GA Apron 2 C172 Your Choice Your Choice
GA Apron 3 C172 Your Choice Your Choice
GA Apron 4 C208 Your Choice TFFJ @MisterSir
GA Apron 5 C208 Your Choice Your Choice

IFATC service!

We want an realistic experience, and so we need ATC to have an quick and efficient event.

Tower: N/A
Piarco Center:N/A


I can’t believe no one has signed up yet, I’ll take this gate, looking forward to it!

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So sorry I haven’t got back to you, busy with exams, you can take this gate

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No problem, you don’t need to apologize. : )

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Gate 3: Generic Q400 TLPL

Mind If I claim this route?

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sure! i will add you

Can I have JetBlue a321-200 to KJFK?

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yes please!

Ok thanks!

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This one pls

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Sorry I won’t be able to make it!

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Can I please take this one to TFFJ?

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Actually, I can’t make it. Sorry

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Hi sign me for this one

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Sign me up for an XCub to TLPL. Thanks!

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Can I have gate 13 to Boston?

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|19|Virgin Atlantic 787-9|EGLL 3D|

this one pls

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Hello Everyone, I want to notify you that as some you know Tropical Storm Elsa is on a trajectory to Barbados, where I’m from. There may be a good chance of the event being cancelled, we will just have to find out.


i understand
stay safe!

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Is the event still happening in 2 hours?