10JUL21 / 1600Z - Biggest Flyout Ever! Northeast Regional Flyout! @ Various Airports

Welcome to the Northeast Regional Flyout!

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Time: 1600Z 2021-07-10T16:00:00Z

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Welcome to the Northeast Regional Flyout, a combination of 22 different airports along the Northeast Regional Amtrak Route! The Northeast Regional is by far Amtrak’s busiest and most profitable route, and serves as a feeder to some of their long-distance trains across America. The Northeast Regional has several airports along its routing, and we have listed 22 for this flyout (yes, I know we are crazy, but we want to try it!).

For this event, we are going to be flying out of 22 airports along the Northeast Regional routing. Some of these airports are frequently used for flyouts, super underappreciated, or rarely or never used for flyouts. Although we will have a lot of traffic at some of the bigger airports along the route, we also added a lot of smaller airports to allow people to appreciate other cool smaller airports like KPVD!

Most airports will have one wave, though some of the busier airports will have 2, 3, or maybe 4. We did this so we can maximize the amount of routes that people may fly! More info on the waves below.

Many people helped collaborate on this event, including: @Jacob_Layton , @Nightt , @Dylan.Winklosky , @Pinecone , and @Bren_McDonell !

This flyout will be a little different than some of our previous flyouts. The first is the waves. Wave 1 will depart at 1600Z for all airports. If the airport has a Wave 1B, it will depart at 1630Z. Wave 2’s will depart at 1700Z and Wave 2Bs will depart at 1730Z. We may also adjust flights based on needs of certain individuals.

The sign up will also be a little different. Instead of pasting the info directly into the event (which would take way too long for me to do), we will give you viewing access to the working document we used to create the event. You can view the document, click on different airports via the tabs below and find the gate you desire! After you find your gate, please reply to this post below with the Gate, airport, and if applicable, wave number (listed in the bottom of the document). If you have any questions about this, let one of us know. If you cannot access the document, also let us know and we will try our best to accommodate you!

The document is anonymous so we cannot see who is viewing the document unless it is someone who has edit access.


Please consult the gate list below for gates!

Note, because of the size of the event, some gates have not yet been completed. We will provide updates below when airports are done.

For those interested in being IFATC for the event: Please let one of us know and we will give you a list of airports that are available

This event has been in the making for a few months, so we really hope you enjoy the event! Lets get as many people as we can and make this the biggest Infinite Flight Event EVER!

Please sign up and we really hope to make this the biggest event ever!

Happy Landings!

@Dylan.Winklosky, @Jacob_Layton, @Pinecone, @Nightt, @Bren_McDonell - Event Hosts


Let’s get some sign-ups!


Hi, I‘d like to do Gate 110 to Berlin (EWR, Wave 2A)


Got it! See you there!

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Let’s get this event rolling!

KORF Gates completed

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Lets get some more sign-ups!

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As some advice, you may find you get more sign ups as the event gets closer.

Many people won’t know their availability on that day so sign ups will likely be at a trickle until much closer to the event!

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Less than a month to the event, get in now