10JUL2020 1830Z Over the St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario @ CYUL

  • Aircraft and Livery: Porter Airlines Dash 8-Q400

  • Route: CYUL - CYTZ

  • Time of Departure: 11:30 PDT, 1830 Z

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: Thank you for clicking! My first group flight was quite hastily planned, so I’ve tried to make this one better. Please copy my flight plan. We will be cruising at FL240. My callsign will be Porter 2956. We will be departing from gates 1-10 in Montreal. There are 10 gates at our destination and any of them are suitable for our plane. It is most likely that ATC will not be attending this event, so please respect unicom. I hope to see you there!
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Odd gates push

Depart rwy 28

Edit-rwy 24L

All gates can push

Captain, thanks for attending

I am quite happy that there are two other people behind me. Thank you so much for attending!

I didn’t expect people to be attending my flight, so I left a little early.

We just passed Ottawa and now we are over the lakeside town of Kingston.

Now over Prince Edward county. Really nice place. (I’ve been there)

Now near Oshawa. Can I get ATC?

If you would like ATC then please request here:

Also could you maybe calm it down with all the bumps? It’s getting a bit repetitive.

All right.

Thank you very much to our air traffic controller, and thank you very much to our attendees. This event would have been impossible without all of you.

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Nice little flight. Not the easiest plane to land.

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