10JUL20 / 2300Z - World's Longest 777-200ER Route @KEWR to VHHH

Hey guys, and welcome to my first ever event!

Event Details and Purpose

- My purpose in creating this event was to provide a fun yet realistic group flight on one of the world’s most iconic air routes, while also celebrating the release of the newly reworked Beoing 777-200ER!

- If you are interested in the flight and you are able to make it, don’t hesitate to sign up!

Server - Expert

Date and Time - July 10, 2020 11:00 PM

Route - Newark (KEWR) - Hong Kong (VHHH)

Estimated Block Time - 16:20

Aircraft and Livery - United Airlines (any livery) 777-200ER
Flight Plan - TBD

Departure and Arrival Runways - TBD

Gates - see below

Gates and Event Procedures

My goal with this event is to create a fun event for you guys, but also to provide a realistic experience. That being said, we will be following real world procedures and pilots are expected to comply with ATC (if it is active) and follow all rules of the expert server.

There are a limited number of 777 gates at Newark so make sure you get your spot!

NOTAMs and other specific information will be provided in a group chat prior to the flight.

Newark Departure
Newark Departure Gates

Note all gates are Terminal C

| Gate | User |
|71W | @United2 |
|74W | @Udeme_Ekpo |
|75 | @TOGA |
|80 | @Pilot_B |
|83W | |
|90W | @Andrew_Yates |
|92W | |
|98 | |
|102W | |
|108W | |
|110W | |
|111W | |
|112W | |
|120W | |
|121 | @Pingu |
|122W | |
|123W | |
|125W | |
|126W | |
|128W | |
|130A | |
|132W | |
|134W | |
|135W | |
|136W | |
|138W | |

Newark Airport Diagram

Hong Kong Arrival
Hong Kong Arrival Gates

Any gate at main terminal

Hong Kong Airport Diagram

UA179 Background Info

United Airlines flight 179, previously operated by Continental Airlines under flight number 99, is currently recognized as the world’s 24th longest flight by distance. With a flight time of about 16 hours, covering over 8,000 miles, this flight is incredibly lengthy. On March 1st, 2001, Continental flight 99 took to the New York skies, marking the first nonstop flight between Newark and Hong Kong, while also becoming one of the pioneers of the polar route. Around 2010, the United-Continental merger began talks, and by November 30, 2011, Continental and United had attained an FAA single operating certificate, thus marking the end of Continental. From then on out, Continental flight 99 would now be operated as United flight 179. Despite the merger, this route has consistently been operated by the same exact subfleet, the Boeing 777-200ER, equipped with two General Electric GE-90 engines. For almost two decades, CO99/UA179 has been flown regularly, and what better way to celebrate the newly reworked 777-200ER than with this iconic flight.

Newark Liberty International Airport


Newark Liberty International Airport is an international airport located in Newark, New Jersey. It is currently the second largest airport serving the New York Area behind John F. Kennedy International, with 46.3 million passengers in 2019 alone. Newark airport has long been United’s main hub in the northeast United States, with daily flights to South America, Europe, Asia, and Hawaii, to name a few. There are three runways at Newark Liberty. Runways 4R/22L and 4L/22R run parallel to each other, with runway 11/29 intersecting the two at the north end of the airport. EWR’s longest runway, 4L/22R, stretches 11,000 feet, providing plenty of room for even the heaviest airliners. There are three terminals at Newark airport, A, B, and C. United Airlines solely operates out of Newark’s newest terminal, terminal C.

Hong Kong International Airport


Hong Kong International Airport is the largest airport serving Hong Kong. Opened in 1998, HKIA was built as a replacement to the aging, inefficient yet iconic Kai Tak airport. With two parallel runways, and a third under construction, Hong Kong Intl. Airport is able to manage thousands of daily movements. And having regular flights to almost all continents, Hong Kong International truly is a hub for both passenger and cargo aircraft. While being the busiest airport by cargo traffic in 2018, HKIA also handles tens of millions of passengers annually. There are two terminals at HKIA, T1 and T2. T2 was previously used as a check in facility among other things, but was closed for renovation in November of last year. T1 is Hong Kong’s primary terminal, consisting of a main terminal as well as two satellite buildings (airport diagrams will be displayed later). Flying into Hong Kong calls for some fun and challenging procedures to navigate the mountains in the area, and we will try to follow those procedures as realistically as possible!

I look forward to the sign-ups! Any feedback is appreciated!

71W for me please!

Of course!

awesome event! so the estimated flight time is 16 hours? if so ill have to see later! hope i can join!

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Actual time in the air should be about 15:30, plus the time spent taxiing and waiting for departure.

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Sign me up (gate C90 plz)

I love United (it’s the best)

Sounds like fun. I’ve flown UA79 before but not UA179… I’ll take gate C121.

I will take this gate please thank you

sounds good

Thanks, and welcome to the community!

You guys are all signed up! @Udeme_Ekpo @Pingu @Andrew_Yates


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