10JUL20 / 0545Z Celebrating Queensland @ YSCB to YBBN

As Queensland opens it’s border’s most Australian states/territories I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate by virtually flooding the sunshine state with planes.

Event Details

Aircraft : Any Australian livered aircraft (please advise which one)
Route : Canberra (YSCB) - Brisbane (YBBN)
Server : Training
Start time: 10 July 2020 0545Z
Cruising altitude : FL320
Cruising Speed : M0.78
Runways : TBA
Flight time : 1hr 55min

About Queensland

Australia’s 2nd largest state and one of it’s most vast has had its border shut to outsiders since late March. This flight represents an end of an era and the end of border checkpoints. In real life one of the cheapest flights from Sydney to Brisbane on July 10 (the day the border opens) costs over $600, the same flight normally costs just over $100. I hope you can join me in the celebration!


Gate 9: @Louis
Gate 10:
Gate 11:
Gate 12:
Gate 13:
Remote Stand 14:
Remote Stand 15:

More gates will be added if needed! Please let me know what aircraft you would like to fly, can’t wait to see you there! Use any callsign

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