10JUL20 / 0500Z - A Small Flyout In The South Of Aotearoa - @ NZQN

Queenstown Flyout!

About Queenstown

Queenstown is a small town in the South Island of New Zealand. It is known for its breathtaking scenery and it’s great ski fields. It’s airport is also widely known for its difficult approach as Queenstown is inside a large valley, just like Innsbruck. Only around 15,650 people live there as of June 2019, but there are many tourists who travel in and out daily keeping the economy running.

COVID-19 has been bad for them though. As I mentioned just before, tourism makes up a large part of the economy (just like most of NZ), so when the borders closed and domestic air travel was restricted, no one could get down to Queenstown meaning the was no income for businesses down there.

If you are from NZ, make sure to go down there in these testing times to help bump up the economy again :)

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Event Information

Airport - NZQN
Server - Expert
NOTAM - Please Spawn In 15 Minutes Before Event Is Scheduled To Start
Don’t Use The Small Parralel Taxiway Next To R05/23 If In A Jet Aircraft



Commercial Gates

Gate Destination Airline Aircraft Flight Time Pilot
Gate 01A NZWN Jetstar a320 1h 20m @ILOVE7879-2.0
Gate 01 NZAA Air New Zealand a320 1h 50m @Cpt_Zorndy
Gate 02A YSSY Qantas 737-800 3h 15m @Infinite_Josh
Gate 02 YMML Jetstar a320 3h 25m @Vihan_Nayak
Gate 03 NZCH Air New Zealand a320 1h 10m @Populeux_Music
Gate 04 NZWN Air New Zealand a320 1h 10m @Sw_A350
Gate 05 YBBN Qantas 737-800 3h 45m @Plnelovr
Gate 06 YSSY Virgin Australia 737-800 3h 15m @Colelee083
Gate 08 NZAA Jetstar a320 1h 50m @If_finnair

GA Gates

Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
GA 01 NZWF C172 @Alexian61
GA 02 NZDN TBM-930
GA 03 NZNV TBM-930 @charlesacosta163
GA 04 NZTU TBM-930
GA 05 NZCH Citation X @Hayden_Buerckner

2 Gates Left!

Like the look of this event? Be sure to reserved a gate or reccomend this to a friend if you think they would enjoy it.

But that’s all from me, see you in the skies…

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Gate 08 NZAA Jetstar a320, please. (:

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Sure! Thanks for being our first sign up to this event!

Can I have this gate?

A small NOTAM for anyone flying a jet: Don’t use the taxiway parallel to the main runway :)

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Yeah I’ll sign you up, yeah don’t make the mistake you made :)

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I want to fly to NZAA but there is already a flight 😑

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Hmm, I could possible sort out a GA flight if you want in a Citation X?

I can come! I’ll take this one please

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You have been signed up! I hope you enjoy your flight :)

This gate please if I can have it?

I’ll sign you right up now! Thanks for coming along :)

Could I get the Qantas to Brisbane?

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Sure! You have gate 05. I hope you enjoy the flight :)

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Hi this is me vihan

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Thanks for the signup! You have Gate 02 :)

Gate04|NZWN|Nahs (IFW856)

Gate 04|NZWN|A320
I’m nahs(IFW856)

You have be signed up! See you there :)

Yeah it’s a good idea

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So you want a Citation X to NZAA?