10JAN21 / 1500z - Andrews afb air show @ KADW

January 2021 will bring you a start to the year air show. you can fly in it by signing up. the show is sure to be full of fun hope to see you there.

Server casual server

Airport kadw

Time 10:00 est 2021-01-10T15:00:00Z

Thank you to the virtual air show Council for the image. this is not one of there events!

The no fly zone is where spectators are asked to be.

The schedule will be released later on along with other thing.

Spot 1 @swa1997 swa1997 Southwest 588va 737-700

Spot 2. @morgan99 a350 demo bI99 a350 a350

Spot 3 @American634 c130j c130j demo deuce12

Spot 4 @ELDEN_PLATENBERG f16 demo f16 viper 8

Spot 5 @Nightt a10 a10 demo hammer 7

Spot 6 @Lucasaviation 757 American 8 757 demo

Spot 7 @Aviation108 kc-10 kc-20 demo hammer 23

Spot 8 @Skyler.Cooper herc demo vac super

Spot 9 @Nate_Schneller f22 f22demo

Spot 10 @N101. F18 f18 demo n101

Spot 11 @Dillonshrop C130H Blue angles Fat Albert / Callsign Fat Albert 1

More spots will be added later.

To sign up please put your: applications are closed

Likelihood to attend 1-10

What plane you will be flying

Name of your performance

Call sign or call signs

How many people are in your performance

Ifc user name or names

Note for spectators: please turn off your engine and lights.

Note for performers: there might be delays and there will be a discord that will be linked later in the month

I will be Performing in a f16

Also if someone else is flying a plane for the show you will be able to use it for your performance.


I will so join and mine is 10/10 I will be in the 737-700 SWA
Southwest 588VA
And My performer name is SWA 1997

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What plane and call sign and performance name

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And I don’t have discord just a FYI

That is fine

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My performance is HIGH PASS low pass and the The Patty Wave (inspired by the IRL Pilot Patty Wagstaff) My true inspiration. She is also the one who got me into flying!!

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Ok you do not need to say what you are doing

I’ll take a slot for my first Airbus A350 Demo of 2021 if that’s ok?

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Yes you can have a spot

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Callsign will be Airbus 350. And you can definitely count on my attendance 👍

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Can I use the C130J my call sign will be DEUCE12, and my likelyhood to attend is 9/10

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Yes you can

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Can I use the A-10 my call sign will be Hammer 7 and my likelihood to attend is 7/10

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Yes you can

I will also be doing it on my own.

Ok nice to know

B757-200 demo American 8 AL lucason60fps


And 10/10 for attendance

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Ok nice I will put you up

This show is coming together better then I thought