10hrs, In an A321?

I’m sure some of you on this community know how I like to treat the narrow body jets. For those of you who don’t know, I love doing long hauls that would normally be operated with a 787 or A330, but instead I like to use the A320s and 737s (plus the occasional CRJ). Never mind all that, today’s journey took me and my jetBlue Airbus A321-200 9hrs and 45mins from the island airport of Osaka Kansai International, to the west coast beauty that is Portland Oregon.

Time: 9hrs 45mins
Plane: jetBlue A321-200
Server: Expert

“Lining up” on runway 06L for an immediate rolling departure.


1.5hrs down as we leave the northern coast of Japan.

All I see is water and more water.

The JB tail looks pretty lit with the moon shining on it.

Roughly half way through, we can see the peaks on the Alaskan arm.

Our journey comes to an end as the Oregon coast comes into view.

A not so buttery landing on runway 10L at PDX.

After 9hrs and 45mins we finally park at our gate in Portland.


I’m curious to know: do you use normal pax and cargo load configurations when doing these long hauls, similar to say a A321XLR or B737 Max? I know that in the sim, some aircraft can behave like their ULH counterparts, so just wondering.

These images are stunning as well! Keep up the great work!

For this flight I had full fuel, 10,000lbs of cargo and 137 pax.
For many of my A320 long hauls such as ANC-LED I will do between 90-100 pax. So to sum up, I tend to go towards a lighter configuration for these.

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Yes it’s really interesting how long these narrow bodies can actually fly on empty! Would love to do a “long haul” in a narrow body like EIDW-KPHL or LFPG-KJFK in the a321s

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That’s medium haul if you ask me, let me know if you are interested and I can do a group flight with you on my A320 PDX-BNE 18hr haul if you want.


WOW! 18 hours on a A320? That sounds impossible to me haha
I would def love to do a groupflight with you if thats ok :D

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When you landed, how many hrs of fuel did you have left? I assume the pacific tailwinds helped you quite a bit

Interesting to say the least. Just this morning I landed an A320 after almost 8 hours from UHBB-UUDD. Although its operated by a NEO, I decided to give it a go on the 320. Still had plenty of fuel left

@Suhas I surprisingly enough had over 1.5hrs of fuel remaining. I was cruising at M0.78.

@Lucas_Piedra I see you are a fellow 320 hauler. While this flight today for me was cool the one I am most proud of was using a Aeroflot A320-200 from Anchorage to St. Petersburg Russia (ANC-LED) which was about 3600nm and 8hrs. Maybe one day we can do a formation A320 long haul.


This is awesome! I love the A321!!

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ETOPS at it’s very best! Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

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