10hr flight suggestions

Hello guys im looking forward to do an 10hr flight today and so i wanted to see what you guys offer me😀😀

You can use fpltoif.com to find 10 hour flights. Just go to the random flight generator.


Fly from KSEA-EFHK. Just flew it on the A350. Takes about 10 hours, 30 minutes if you follow the Oceanic track Z up to Finland. Awesome flight.

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Hey there, you can use this thread to find suggestions!

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Where can you find that site?

btw guys i can make this topic on general right

i like London alot

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With oceanic track?

My favourite Is RJTT-NZCH

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you can also go to flightsfrom.com
for some real flights

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sadly alot of people join in London,currently my device is very laggy and there a chance of me crashing so yeah

Tonight I am doing Miami to Rome in the Alitalia 777-200er which will be quite nice!

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I’ll be doing LA to Paris, departing in about an hour. It’s about 10:10 flight time.

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Maybe, Incheon to LAX. If not, it’s the other way.

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Is it 10hr?

All with SQ routing and using the A359, will be:

WSSS - NZAA/NZCH (You will get good tailwinds near the Australian Outback)

All these are around 10 hours. Hope it helps :)

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Chicago to Rome on the AA787, UA767, UA772, or Alitalia 772, I’ve been on the flight ITL beautiful flight!

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It is 9 hours and 45 minutes to be exact, a bit longer one would be Los Angeles to Paris-CDG in either the Air France 777-300er or the Air Tahiti Nui 787-9. this is around 10 hours

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I recommend London to Johannesburg/Cape Town. Scenery over Africa, especially over Chad and Zambia is great (depends on your FPL). If London’s not your cup of tea sip you can depart right into the Alps out of Zurich/Munich


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