10FEB24: The Crazy Calgary Flyout DEPARTED

Hello IFC! Welcome to my next event in the beautiful city of Calgary Canada 🇨🇦! Located in central Alberta, and home to about 1.6 million. Know for its many historical sights, museums and food! In addition to that, it was also known for hosting the XV Winter Olympics in 1988! Join me in filling WestJet Airlines’s mega hub and one of Air Canada’s 3 amazing focus cities!

Event Info
Airport: Calgary International Airport CYYC
Time: 1700z, 11am mst
Date: February 10th, 2024
Server: Expert Server


A Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
1 WestJet Portland Q400
2 WestJet Kelowna Q400
3 WestJet Abbotsford Q400
4 WestJet Regina Q400 @member_of_oneworld
5 WestJet Victoria Q400
6 WestJet Yellowknife Q400 @CanadianNorth
10A WestJet Orlando B738
11 WestJet San Diego B737
12 WestJet Vancouver B738 @NonStopsAviation
13B WestJet Fort Lauderdale B738 @Crunchymonkey12345
14 WestJet Cancun B789 @Apple_Haye
15B WestJet Kahului B789
16 WestJet Kailua-Kona B738
17 WestJet Puerto Vallarta B789
18 WestJet Montego Bay B738 @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
19 WestJet Toronto B738
20 WestJet Halifax B738
21A WestJet San Francisco B737
22 WestJet Montreal B738
23A WestJet Fort McMurray B737 @Bay_Area_Aviation
24 WestJet Las Vegas B738 @Ryan_15
B Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
B31A Air Transat Montreal A321 @AirCanadaVirtual
B32A Air North Whitehorse B737 @AirCanadaVirtual
B32B Sunwing Liberia B738 @AirCanadaVirtual
B33 Sunwing Punta Cana B738 @AirCanadaVirtual
B34 Porter Toronto Pearson E190 @AirCanadaVirtual
B35A Sunwing Varadero B738 @AirCanadaVirtual
B36 Flair Kitchener/Waterloo B738 @AirCanadaVirtual
B37 Lynx Hamilton B738 @AirCanadaVirtual
B38 Flair Las Vegas B738 @AirCanadaVirtual
B39 Flair Abbotsford B738 @AirCanadaVirtual
B40 Sunwing Kelowna B738 @Prestoni
C Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
C50 Air Canada Montreal BCS3 @AirCanadaVirtual
C51 Air Canada Toronto A321
C52 Air Canada Winnipeg BCS3 @AirCanadaVirtual
C53 Air Canada Vancouver BCS3 @AirCanadaVirtual
C54 Air Canada Newark A321 @AirCanadaVirtual
C55A Air Canada Ottawa BCS3 @AirCanadaVirtual
C56 Air Canada Fort McMyrray Q400 @AirCanadaVirtual
C57 Air Canada Kelowna Q400 @AirCanadaVirtual
C58 Air Canada Grande Prairie Q400 @AirCanadaVirtual
C59 Rouge Canada Québec City A319 @AirCanadaVirtual
D Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
D70B Condor Frankfurt A339
D72B Edelweiss Zurich A333 @ayyjay
D74B Discover Airlines Frankfurt A333 @Shane_Rossler
D76 KLM Amsterdam B772
D78B Air Canada London Heathrow B789
E Concourse
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
E80B WestJet Tokyo Narita B789 @KattasiumAviation
E83B WestJet Paris B789
E84B WestJet Rome B789 @United403
E87B WestJet Dublin B789
E88B WestJet London Heathrow B789 @Ben_Walsh
E91B WestJet Barcelona B789
E95B WestJet London Gatwick B789
E96A United Houston E175
E97 United San Francisco E175 @Nicholas_Thiemonge
E97B United Denver E175 @MPH258
E190 American Chicago E175
E192 American Dallas E175
E193 Delta Salt Lake City E175 @RagonDragon
E194 Delta Minneapolis A319
Terminal Remote Stands
Gate Airline Destination Aircraft User
W120 WestJet Seattle Q400
W121 WestJet Atlanta B737 @Skyline_AV
W122 WestJet Hamilton B737
W123 WestJet Liberia B738
W124 WestJet Honolulu B738
W125 WestJet San Jose Del Cabo B738
W126 WestJet Nassau B738
W127 WestJet Ixtapa B738
W128 WestJet Thunder Bay Q400
W129 WestJet Windsor Q400
61 Flair London ON B738
62 Flair Victoria B738
63 WestJet Houston B738
64 WestJet Moncton Q400
65 WestJet Ottawa B738

Air Traffic Control

Frequency User
ATIS @JayJayAviation
Ground @JayJayAviation
Tower @JayJayAviation


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun
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Please and thank you

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@Ryan_15 Amazing choice

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Can I grab this? It’s also not operated on a CRJ, that’s an A319 route.

@Mort Boebus 🤯
My deepest and most sincere apologies for that careless mistake - That one AI bot

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I love Dublin

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This please!

Roger that @MANDELA

Ceci s’il vous plaît

Votre français est parfait

@United403 you know the drill:>

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@PhorzaSky can I have E83?

But you keep your flight, like move to a different gate but change nothing else is what I’m saying

@PhorzaSky don’t do it its a trap.

No I want E83 cuz that’s the flight I went to Europe on

To Paris on westjet

The Portland route is soooo tempting. But ill go with this

@Prestoni @Cole_Woodard you both have been added


I’ll take this