10FEB24 | 2024 Chinese New Year Fly-In Celebration!

What is Chinese New Year and why this event?

Chinese New Year, also know by various names across the world (Lunar New Year, Spring Festival), is a joyous celebration marking the beginning of the lunar new year in the Chinese calendar. This event is deeply rooted in centuries-old traditions, with vibrant festivities, family gatherings, and cultural rituals.

In the spirit of the Chinese New Year, our Fly-In coincides with one of the most significant human migrations globally, known as 春运 “Chunyun.” Chunyun, or the Spring Festival Travel Rush, is the period surrounding Chinese New Year when millions of people travel to reunite with their families.

This massive migration, often regarded as the world’s largest annual human migration, sees travelers taking various modes of transportation to reach their hometowns, creating a unique and bustling atmosphere across transportation hubs and airports.

I would love to extend my invitations to the Infinite Flight Community in celebrating the Chinese New Year with a spectacular Fly-In event! This event marks my first attempt at organising an event on Infinite Flight, and I’m excited to share the joy of aviation with the community.

Server: Expert expert

Airports: Choose any Chinese airport of your preference to start or finish your flight. Feel free to explore the vast network of Chinese airports, each offering a unique flying experience. Share your selected airport and route to inspire fellow pilots. For reference, the busiest airports during this period are ZBAA, ZBAD, ZSPD, ZGGG. I hope Infinite Flight could feature this event and include one of the above as a hub in the ATC schedule.

Time: The celebration will take place from 09 Feb 2024 at 16:00 Zulu time to 12 Feb 2024 at 16:00 Zulu time. Please use an online converter to match the Zulu time with your local time zone :))

🎊 Welcome, Virtual Airlines!

I extend a warm invitation to virtual airlines interested in partnering with me for this festive occasion. Leave a message if your virtual airline would like to collaborate and make this Chinese New Year Fly-In even more special.

🥳 Let’s Celebrate Together!

This event is all about enjoying the skies, embracing the Chinese New Year spirit, and connecting with fellow aviators. Join me for a Fly-In filled with freedom — no gate assignments! Pilots are encouraged to choose their routes and explore the diverse beauty of Chinese airports.

Feel free to share your flight plans, experiences, and connect with others during this celebration. Your feedback is welcome, and I hope everyone enjoys this Chinese New Year Fly-In event!

Safe skies and happy flying!


  • I, nor any participating VA, will not take any responsibility for reports or violations at any level

  • Please fly professional and follow Expert server rules

  • Please follow all ATC instructions atc-needed

  • Please maintain an appropriate spacing at all times

Hello, would you be interested in having gate assignments? If so, PM me.

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Hii!! Appreciate the offer, but due to the vast network of airports available for pilots, I’d hope to keep it free of gate assignments 🙃

Im flying from Dubai great event @Tom_Z

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Thank you! Will definitely work on a more sophisticated event with departing and arriving airport.

Thanks again for the support and hope you enjoyed your flight! Happy Chinese New Year!!

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