10FEB23 | 0100Z | Massive Tropical Flyout @KMIA DEPARTED

@Dodsky your all Added

Event bump!!

Bumping Miami

Event bump 😜

What he said 🤣
@I_Ride_Southwest check out my 8 events

Will do. I try not to sign up for events that are far out so I know I won’t be busy but I will keep them in mind @United403

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Can I switch to this on an Alaska 737-900 to Seattle please

@Butter575 yes of course!

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I’ll take D6, American A319 to Montego Bay

@Bay_Area_Aviation you got it!

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Event Bump!

Event bump!

Event Bump!!

Event Announcement
Thanks to the one and only @Dan, this event is now an official event!! There for there will no longer be gate assignmentts, and instead you can just press going and take any flight you’d like!

going to DFW 737-823! somehow i never saw this event

There are no longer gate assignmentts. Just spawn in at any gate for your flight

dang it…

I do apologize for that

Sign me up for any delta ramp gate!