10DEC22 | Army-Navy Game F/A-18 Flyover

Infinite Flight F/A-18 Army-Navy Game Flyover

This is a video of a flight of 4 F/A-18s departing Teterboro for a flyover of the Army-Navy game last year that I took!

I’ve decided to recreate this as a slightly larger event in IF after the success of my Veterans Day F/A-18 event on November 11th.

Event Organization MUST READ

  • Everyone participating in this event will depart from Teterboro Airport (KTEB) and we will follow the flight plan.

  • Once it’s time for the flyby we’ll leave the holding pattern and line up with the stadium, before over-flying the stadium

    • We will fly in groups of two F/A-18s so I’ll either pair you with a partner or you can coordinate who you’d like to fly with before signing up

  • We will overfly the stadium at 300KIAS

  • All callsigns will be RAGIN with your formation order. (1,2,3 etc.) The leader of the formation is responsible for working comms.

I will be making a flight plan for this event soon so STAY TUNED!

Pilots must know how to execute an overhead break to land on the runway. If you don’t know what that is please look at the diagram below.


If you would like to join with your F/A-18 (or a partner), please just let me know! Please be aware that I would like this to be as professional as possible and trolls or people who sign up and misbehave will not be tolerated.

Partners Formation Order Callsign
@Zigler_AviationYT @Aviation_X 1st RAGIN1 (Flight of 2)
@Raven @Ken_wei 2nd RAGIN2 (Flight of 2)
@AviatorEgcc @Ethan_Brown 2nd RAGIN3 (Flight of 2)
@MR.FOXY09 @Jonathan_Tweedy 3rd RAGIN4 (Flight of 2)
@Southwest_2115 @the_ding 4th RAGIN5 (Flight of 2)


It would be nice if an IFATC member could keep things under control with some ATC




Server: Expert
Location: KTEB - Metlife Stadium
Aircraft: F/A-18e
Livery: VFA-87 Golden Warriors
NOTAMS: If proper etiquette is shown, and the flight plan is flown correctly, you will not crash and no violations will be issued.
I am not responsible for any violations received during the event.


Sounds good, I’ll join you

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I’ll join !

Signed me up please

@AviatorEgcc @Ethan_Brown would you two like to be partners as RAGIN2?

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Sure if @Ethan_Brown agrees :)

Fine with me


Both of you are signed up as RAGIN2!


@Butter575 you’ve clicked the ‘going’ button, but you haven’t signed up. Would you like to attend the event?

RAGIN Flt Practice Run


Would anyone else like to join this event? It’s going to be a lot of fun!!

@Thunderbolt Can you be ATIS, Ground, and Tower for this event??

Okay I will.

Do you know who your wingman will be??

No, do I need one

Yes you do.

Would anyone else like to team up with @Butter575 or just join this flyover event??

@Butter575 Can you please try to find someone to be your wingman for this event

I will fly with @Butter575.

I would like to participate in a formation! my friend Charles may also sign up.

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