10DEC22: Amazing Austin Flyout!

I’m going to fly Austin to Mexico City in the Aeromexico E190

Cool. See you guys there

If not could I start a Delta AUS to ATL

Is the KLM 115 open

I’ll guess this is for the December 10th fly out. Get me down. United254 with service from KJAC To KAUS

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@Henry_Boam @Cpt_Connor there are no gates.

Is south terminal full

There is no need to sign up for anything

What time does the event start?

So. Just to make it clear. I can’t go?

I don’t like to be that guy that says you can’t.

But it is nearly impossible for you to get 50 hours of flight time by tomorrow

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I know I know. But I was just making sure.

Is there anything I can do to get infinite flight pro for free. If you have something in mind. Please message me privately.

There is no way you can get it for free unfortunately

Ahh dang it

Yeah sorry.

Do you have pro?

Yes I do.

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Is it cool?