10DEC22: Amazing Austin Flyout!

What do you mean by free?

Do I have to pay?

I know these are stupid questions but you see this is my first time.

I mean if you want to join everyone else then you should however seeing that you don’t have it, it would be nearly impossible to get Grade 3 in a day.

Grade 3?. What’s that?

There are different grades that grant you access to different servers. You have to do a certain amount of flying and other things to achieve the next grade to access the next server

Grade 1: Casual Server
Grade 2: Training Server
Grade 3: Expert Server

It is impossible given you need at least 50 flight hours to be Grade 3

Yeah that’s what a said above

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Hi @Omar_Zayyan

Unfortunately you need the Pro subscription to even access Austin Airport (KAUS) in the first place.

However if you have only just started playing it would be impossible for you to join this event as you need to be Grade 3 to access the Expert Server - the requirements for each grade are in the table I posted above.

Any other questions - feel free to send me a message!

Hope you have a good rest of your day!

  • Ben
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What grade am in?

You start off as Grade 1.

If you now have pro it is grade 1

So then I won’t be able to play in this event?

Unfortunately not, no.

Ok, I will hopefully play in the future events.

Most likely not unfortunately

You first need to get the subscription. Then you have to learn how to fly and learn how to speak with ATC. After that you have to gain hours and landings without getting many violations. once you make it to grade 3 you may join any event


I’ll stop by before 6PM as Lufthansa 468

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Sounds good.

Ima do KAUS-KJFK Jetblue e190