10DEC22: Amazing Austin Flyout!

Welcome to the Austin Flyout hosted by @Butter575 with my amazing cohost @United403! We can’t wait to host this flyout because it is an amazing city in the amazing state of Texas. We hope this event will get many signups.

Server: Expert
Airport: KAUS
Date: 10DEC22

We are official which means that there are NO gate assignments, feel free to spawn wherever you’d like on event day and if you previously signed up for a gate, you no longer have to spawn there.

Suggested routes

Not sure where to fly for the event? Consider these flights:

Route Flight Time Airline Aircraft Flight Info/Link
Austin → Frankfurt 9 hrs Lufthansa A330-300 LH469
Austin → Seattle 4 hrs, 45 min Alaska 737-900 AS1195
Austin → Miami 2 hrs, 45 min American 737-800 AA1679
Austin → Houston 1 hr United E175 UA6129

Air Traffic Control

Frequency Controller
Ground: @IV_AVIATION_YouTube
Tower: @IV_AVIATION_YouTube


  • We are not responsible for violations
  • Follow ATC instructions
  • Act professionally

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Photo by @AirCanada11


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