10DEC2021/1600Z- Fly-in and Fly-out @ OMAA

About the Event

Welcome to Abu Dhabi, Base for our Virtual Airline, that is @Etihad_Virtual , We are glad to have this as a Hub for our FNF event, We at Etihad Virtual decided to have a great Flyin and flyout event at Abu Dhabi for the FNF.

About Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second-most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (after Dubai). The city of Abu Dhabi is located on an island in the Persian Gulf, off the Central West Coast. Most of the city and the Emirate reside on the mainland connected to the rest of the country.



Departure Airport Aircraft Livery Pilot Name
Jeddah A319 Saudia
Jeddah B78X Etihad
Mumbai A320 IndiGo
Mumbai B77W Etihad @Mayank_Pawar
Mumbai A388 Etihad
Mumbai B739 Jet Airways
Karachi B77L PIAL
Karachi B77W/A321 Etihad
London Heathrow B78X Etihad
Istanbul B78X Etihad
Istanbul A321 Turkish Airlines
Nairobi B78X Etihad
Colombo A333 Srilankan

Pilots May also choose any IRL route To Abu Dhabi You may find them here



Destination Airport Gate Number Aircraft Livery Pilot Name
Jeddah T1 102 A319 Saudia
Jeddah T1 103 A321 Etihad
Doha T1 101 B788/A321 Qatar
Colombo T1 113 A333 Srilankan
Mumbai T1 112 B739 Jet Airways
London T1 111 A388 Etihad @Ritesh321
Istanbul T1 121 B77W Etihad @Neel_306
Hyderabad T1 122 A321 Air India
Washington T1 123 B77W Etihad @Omkar_Rathi
Washington T3 301 A388 Etihad @Airbuss
Washington T3 302 B77W Etihad @MainSky
New York T3 303 B77W Etihad @Dip_Prajapati
Singapore T3 304 B78X Etihad
Ahmedabad T3 305 B78X Etihad
Seoul T3 306 B77W Etihad
Jakarta T3 307 B78X Etihad
Zanzibar T3 308 A321 Etihad
Mumbai T3 309 A388 Etihad

Pilots may also choose any IRL route from Abu Dhabi, You may find them here

Interested in Joining Etihad virtual, You may find our thread here:- Etihad Virtual Airways | From Abu Dhabi To The World

Thank you, See you all at the Event

Please feel free to post/dm any suggestions.


Seems like great event!! (Totally not being biased🤪🤪) I’ll take this flight please my callsign will be Etihad002VA


I will be flying-out to Istanbul My callsign will be Etihad 306VA


CAn i take this route?


Sure, You’re signed up

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👋👋, Great Choice! Thanks for signing up

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Yeah, Sure


I’ll take this one:

Callsign Etihad 131. Thanks!

Hola! Will do OMAA outbound to : Washington T3 302 B77W Call Sign EY 727VA

Book for me B77W to KJFK

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Departing from Mumbai A320 Air India IRL flight

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I would like to take this one please 💯

Actually can i switch to this gate?

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This would be for arrival or for departure?

Sure @Ritesh321 You may do that

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Thanks for joining in

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Sure sir , Thanks for joining in

You are signed up, Thanks for joining in

Yeah sure, Check for you gate number thiugh

Arrival, will depart soon