10DEC20 / 1900Z - Cross-Country Birthday! @ KMCI to KPHX

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PilotA320’s Birthday Event!


Join us on this special day, from Kansas City (ICAO: KMCI) to Phoenix (ICAO: KPHX), as we celebrate @PilotA320’s birthday! From the grasslands, to the desert, this will be a very fun flight, as we celebrate in the skies of Infinite Flight in the Southwest and American liveries! This event is hosted by myself (@Aviation108), @SWA1997, and @Butter_Boi!

This is actually after @PilotA320’s birthday, but we changed the date so that he would be able to make the event.

Server: Training

Airport: KMCI

Pushback Time: 2020-12-10T19:00:00Z


Terminal B (Southwest Gates)
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
B31 Southwest 738 @Tre_Dior
B32 Southwest 738 @Skippy
B33 Southwest 738 @Avgeek1
B34 Southwest 738 @ORD777flyer
B35 Southwest 738
B37 Southwest 738
B38 Southwest 738
B39 Southwest 738
B40 Southwest (Desert Gold) 737 @Butter_Boi
B41 Southwest (Heart or Canyon Blue) 737
B43 Southwest (Heart or Canyon Blue) 737
B45 Southwest (Heart or Canyon Blue) 737
B50 Southwest (Heart or Canyon Blue) 737
B51 Southwest (Shamu) 737 @Keegan_Butler
B52 Southwest (Heart or Canyon Blue) 737
B56 Southwest (Heart or Canyon Blue) 737
B57 Southwest (Illinois One) 737 @SWA1997
B58 Southwest 738
B59 Southwest 738
B60 Southwest 738
Terminal C (American Airlines Gates)
Gate Airline Aircraft Pilot
C61 American 738 @Antonio10231
C62 American (TWA Livery) 738 @Captainflight
C63 American 738
C64 American 738
C67 American 738
C68 American 738
C69 American (Astrojet Livery) 738 @Errigal
C72 American 738 @Cooper_Marcukaitis
C73 American 737
C76 American 737
C77 American 737
C78 American 737
C79 American CRJ-900 @Aviation108
C81 American CRJ-900
C82 American CRJ-900
C83 American CRJ-900
C84 American CRJ-900 @PilotA320
C85 American CRJ-900
C87 American CRJ-900
C88 American CRJ-900
C89 American CRJ-900
C90 American CRJ-900

ATC services would be greatly appreciated! :)

ATC Freuencies
Airport Frequency Controller
KMCI Ground/Tower @MJP_27
KMCI Arrival/Departure @Fung_Sum-sum
KPHX Ground/Tower @MJP_27
KPHX Arrival/Departure @Fung_Sum-sum

Note: Pilots operating the AAL CRJ - 900 will use a Mesa Airlines call sign, as it is Mesa Airlines that operates the route under the American Eagle name.


  • Please be respectful when using ATC/Unicom, do not spam
  • Please maintain proper distance, minimum 7 NM in the air
  • Please spawn in your gate 15 minutes prior to pushback time
  • Be profesional. The training server is not an excuse to be unprofessional. Treat it like the Expert server.
  • Have fun!
  • Wish @PilotA320 a happy birthday!

Detailed flight information will be released via PM before the Event

Also, sorry about the date being so close to the event, we only just started planning. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me, @SWA1997, or @Butter_Boi! Thanks, and I hope you can join us on this special occasion!


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