10DEC / 0800Z - last flight of the old 757-200 @ KLAX - NYC

callsigns and flight info:
1st UA1700 757-200 LAX-EWR
2nd UA308 757-200 SA LAX-EWR
3rd AA2 757-200 LAX-JFK
4th AA4 757-200 Old LAX-JFK
5th DL319 757-200 LAX-JFK

Aircraft spawns:
1st UA1700 terminal 7 gate 75A
2nd UA308 terminal 7 gate 73
3rd AA2 terminal 4 gate 41
4th AA4 terminal 4 gate 43
5th DL319 terminal 2 gate 26

Server: Expert Server
Flight time: 4 hours
Cruising Altitude: FL300
Cruising speed: M0.86

For those who can’t wait for this update why not join me on this event in 23 minutes? I only require 1 other pilot but if you have your own callsign and and a want to join with the 757-200 then what are you waiting? Hope you all enjoy this event I can’t wait to have everyone on this flight.

Pictures of the aircraft required for this event to officially begin:

1st UA1700

2nd UA308

3rd AA2

4th AA4

5th DL319

Looks like a great event however some advice.

0600Z - 1100Z is regrettably generally poor in event turnout because most Europeans are getting up/going to school or work/or have other important things to do and the large majority Americans are asleep.

This time really only benefits the Far East and Australia region - and here on the forum there aren’t that many people from that area of the world. The large majority of us are from Europe and the US/Canada.

Ok so what should I change the time to unless you want to join me?

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I would perhaps change the event time to later in the day (somewhere in the 1700-2200Z range) - that way you are more likely to get some people attending - ifs not guaranteed but its more likely.

Unfortunately I cannot join because I am busy with school atm.

I dont want to get to many people if you know what I mean like I put in the requirements so only 1 pilot could join bc I know I am not gonna find anyone around this time of night

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Not promoting but you can check out the poll i asked to IFC Members for my event!!

A General Query! Do Vote

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Well if your not promoting then are you joining?

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Also you are more likely to get turnout on weekends rather than on weekdays. Its why the majority of events you see here are on Saturdays/Sundays.

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I may join considering i have my semester finals coming up next week!!

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@pilotcharles737 I’ve just noticed something - 0700Z was nearly an hour ago - did you mean 0800Z?

If it is 2am CST then yes

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2am CST is 0800Z if I’m not mistaken.

Well Zulu is +5 hours to CST and UTC is +6

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Zulu, GMT and UTC are all the same thing.

They are all +6 from CST

I thought so to but found out UTC and Zulu are like CST and EST

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UTC/Zulu/GMT: +0
EST: GMT/Zulu-5
CST: GMT/Zulu-6

Yeah but I put it in events only bc more people pay attention to the events more then the groups


MST: Zulu-7
PST: Zulu-8

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Actually he is right I just looked it up


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