10AUG23: The Palma De Mallorca Flyout DEPARTED

What he said ^^^

Thank you sooooo much for the ATC service there @Reuben_Mehmet! See ya!

Thanks for the amazing event @United403 !!

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Thank you @United403 😉🥳👏

There was some random Ryanair plane on 24R earlier on, told him to do a go around and he was being an idiot and had to report him. Presume he wasnt with us?

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Thanks to everyone who came! This was a wayyy better turnout than I expected

Thanks @Reuben_Mehmet for the ATC

Makes sure to check out my other events!


Yea @Reuben_Mehmet when you cleared me to push back I saw him do that too! But but then you did tell him to check ATIS he was being an idiot

Np @United403! Anytime! Will check out your other events and see if I can join those!🙂

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mind if i share one of my events @United403 ?

There was two, makes it even worse lol

Share as many as you’d like

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One was on final 24R, told him to go around, he did the sharpest circle I have ever seen and cut the guy up behind him - right idiot lol

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this is all!


Yea saw that too! Did you report that Ryanair person?

Thank you for hosting another cool event @United403 and ofc thank you @Reuben_Mehmet for the brilliant ATC service!

Safe flights for everyone


The go around one yes, the other no bc he turned around

Oooo! (10 characters)


Safe flight mate!

Thank you @United403 for the Event and @Reuben_Mehmet for the ATC coverage, GJ!


I’ve just reached a cruising altitude of FL340!