10AUG21 @ 1400-1600Z: Celebrating 3D South East Asia IFATC Takeover + Singapore National Day @ WSSS/VTBS

Singapore National Day + 3D Airports + IFATC Takeover

Singapore-Changi and Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi Airport


As you all have known, Infinite Flight 21.4 is released on July 26, and it happens to be two weeks before National Day in Singapore. As a proud resident of Singapore, I have decided to create this event as part of 21.4 Celebration and IFATC Takeover in the South-East Asia region as well.

Event Details

ATC Active Time: 2021-08-10T14:00:00Z β†’ 2021-08-10T16:00:00Z
Flyout Time: 2021-08-10T14:00:00Z
3D HUB Airport: WSSS, VTBS
Feeder Airport: WMKK, WMKI, WIMM, VTSP, VTSS

Pick Your Gates

We feature wide variety of destinations to choose from departing from main two airports WSSS and VTBS. Airports indicated with a * are 3D airports. Airports not indicated in * are flown by the newly reworked A330-330. It is a win-win solution ;)

Fly-out from Singapore-Changi (WSSS)

Flyout Gate Livery/Aircraft Destination Flight Time Participant
T3, B2 Singapore Airlines A333 Bangkok (VTBS)* 02:20 @Lucasfil1
T3, B3 Singapore Airlines A333 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) 01:00
T3, B5 Silkair A319 Phuket (VTSP) 01:50
T3, B6 Silkair A319 Medan-Kualanamu (WIMM) 01:20
T3, B7 Silkair A319 Penang (WMKP) 01:15
T3, B8 Silkair A319 Ipoh (WMKI) 01:10
T3, B9 Silkair A319 Hat Yai (VTSS) 01:30
T3, A3 Singapore Airlines B77W Seoul-Incheon (RKSI)* 06:10
T3, A4 Singapore Airlines A359 Tokyo-Haneda (RJTT)* 06:45
T3, A5 Singapore Airlines A333 Mumbai (VABB)* 05:20
T3, A9 Singapore Airlines A359 Adelaide (YPAD)* 07:05 @askrdl
T3, A10 Singapore Airlines A359 Sydney (YSSY)* 08:10
T3, A11 Singapore Airlines A359 Auckland (NZAA)* 10:40
T3, A12 Singapore Airlines A359 Moscow-DME (UUDD)* 10:20
T3, A13 Singapore Airlines A359 Munich (EDDM)* 12:00
T3, A14 Singapore Airlines A359 Zurich (LSZH)* 12:30
T3, A15 Singapore Airlines A359 Paris-de Gaulle (LPFG)* 13:10
T3, A16 Singapore Airlines B77W London-Heathrow (EGLL)* 13:20
T3, A17 Singapore Airlines A359 Johannesburg (FAOR)* 10:25
T3, A18 Singapore Airlines A359 New York-JFK (KJFK)* 18:10
T3, A19 Singapore Airlines A359 Los Angeles (KLAX)* 15:30 @Merky_AviationYT
T3, A20 Saudia B789 Jeddah (OEJN)* 08:40 @HUMVEE
T1, C1 Emirates B77W Dubai (OMDB)* 07:20 @Captainshayan
T1, C21 Scoot B789 Athens (LGAV)* 11:15
T1, C23 Asiana Airlines A359 Seoul-Incheon (RKSI)* 06:10 @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX
T1, C24 ANA B772 Tokyo-Haneda (RJTT)* 06:45
T1, C25 British Airways B77W London-Heathrow (EGLL)* 13:20
T1, C26 Air India B788 Mumbai (VABB) 05:20 @Captain_Dreamliner
T1, C19 Malaysia Airlines B738 Kuala Lumpur (WMKK) 01:00
T1, C17 Jestar A320 Penang (WMKP) 01:15 @Tom_Jennings

Fly-out from Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi (VTBS)

Flyout Gate Livery/Aircraft Destination Flight Time Participant
A01 Thai Airways B772 Phuket (VTSP) 01:20
D01 Thai Airways B772 Singapore (WSSS)* 02:15
D02 Thai Airways A333 Chengdu (ZUUU) 02:45
D03 Thai Airways A333 Phnom Penh (VDPP) 00:55
E02 China Southern A333 Guangzhou (ZGGG) 02:45
E06 Emirates B77W Dubai (OMDB)* 06:00
D04 Thai Airways B772 Incheon (RKSI)* 05:20
D05 Thai Airways A359 Tokyo-Haneda (RJTT)* 06:10
D07 Thai Airways A359 Mumbai (VABB)* 04:10
E05 Thai Airways A359 Zurich (LSZH)* 12:00
E07 Thai Airways B772 London-Heathrow (EGLL)* 12:00 @AviatorRyan
E09 Thai Airways A359 Paris-de Gaulle (LPFG)* 12:20 @Ritesh321
F02 Japan Airlines B789 Tokyo-Haneda (RJTT)* 06:10
F04 Swiss B77W Zurich (LSZH)* 12:00
F06 Generic B789 Singapore (WSSS)* 02:20 @CaptainNajeeb

IFATC Availability

Frequency 1400-1500Z 1500-1600Z
WSSS GTS (3D) @Drxw @Drxw
VTBS GTS (3D) @SierraHotel @DannyHL
WMKK GTS @LordWizrak @LordWizrak
WMKP GTS @Ray_Wang
WIMM GTS @Juiceinaglass
VTSP GTS @Juiceinaglass
Singapore FIR @Anthony_Morgan @WingContact
Singapore App/Dep @ToasterStroodie @ToasterStroodie (TBC)
Kuala Lumpur FIR @Eden_Tan* @Anthony_Morgan
Bangkok FIR @Eden_Tan @DannyHL
Jakarta FIR @Anthony_Morgan @Anthony_Morgan

PS: KL FIR will be split to North by @Eden_Tan and South by @Anthony_Morgan

Slots are still open. If you want to control, let me know via discord ;)


Mai tu liao. Don’t wait any longer. Gates are open for signup. We hope to see you soon in this Fly-Out and IFATC Takeover.
Thank you very much! ιžεΈΈζ„Ÿθ°’οΌDanke! γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγ™! κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€! Terima kasih! Gracias! Merci!

Thank You

PS: This is another event celebrating National Day on top of this event. Check them out.


Ill take this one thx!
E07 Thai Airways B772 London-Heathrow (EGLL)* 12:0

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π‘»π’‰π’Šπ’” π’Šπ’” π‘΄π’Šπ’π’† π’ˆπ’Šπ’—π’† π’Šπ’• 𝒕𝒐 π’Žπ’† @Anthony_Morgan

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Requesting this route please:

Can i get a aircraft change to Air India B788?

Thank You! :)

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Thanks for signing up :)

  • @AviatorRyan Your gate have been assigned. Enjoy your flight to London.

  • @I_AM_KOREAN_FOX Your gate have been assigned. Enjoy your flight to Seoul.

  • @Captain_Dreamliner Your gate have been assigned. As Air India is in T1, I have opened up new gate to you, which is T1, C29. Enjoy your flight to Mumbai.


thank you :)

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can i have this but changed to a jetstar Asia A320 please?

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Thank you @Tom_Jennings for signing up, your gate has been changed to T1, C17 to accommodate realism as Jetstar operates from T1. Safe flight to Penang! ;)

Can I take this gate and flight?

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Could you please add saudia b789 to jeddah … saudia operate 3-4 weekly

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May I know is it from WSSS?

Yes from Singapore i will fly in from jeddah before pushback time and depart to jeddah as flyout


emirates gate to Dubai please

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If u want me to stick to ur suggested route I would take this

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I’ll take this

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Oops, I forgot to update. Thanks for those who have signed up:

@askrdl your gate has been confirmed. Safe flight to Perth!

@HUMVEE your gate has been confirmed at T3, A20. Enjoy your flight to Jeddah!

@RhendyAvGeek your gate has been confirmed. Safe flight to Mumbai!


Put me in for Los Angeles, please

Plz change aircraft to b787-9

@Merky_AviationYT your gate has been reserved. Enjoy your Long Haul flight to Los Angeles :)

@HUMVEE your aircraft type has been changed to B789.