10AUG20 / 1500Z - A Canary Islands Flyout Series [Pt.1] @GCLP [COMPLETED]

Welcome to my Flyout Series where we will explore the Canary Islands.

Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gran_Canaria_Airport

Some information about Gran Canaria:

Gran Canaria is a Beautiful island, within a Volcanic region, located southeast of Tenerife and southwest of Fuerteventura. The airport is located on the eastern side of the airport giving stunning views of the endless mountains and terrain above. Gran Canaria airport also know as GCLP or LPA, operates 2 parallel runways [03L/21R] [03R/21L], This airport is a well known HUB for the airline ‘Binter Canaries’ which operate around the Canaries islands for passengers. Gran Canaria also operates Cargo networks along with Passenger airlines like TUIFLY, Jet2, EasyJet, Thomas Cook, Iberia, Ryan air, Norwegian and Vueling. In 2019, Gran Canaria airport welcomed 13,261,405 passengers with Aircraft movements at more than 126,000! The most popular routes include Düsseldorf, Oslo, London Gatwick, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Manchester. This airport is open to an abundance of unique and different variety of aircraft ranging from the Q400 to A330!


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Airport: GCLP [Gran Canaria]

Time: 10AUG20 / 1500Z

Gate Information
Gate Aircraft Airline Destination ICAO Attendee
No1 A340-600 N/A Caracas SVMI @DanVenezuela
T01 A321 Iberia Madrid LEMD @Captain-787
T02 737-800 RyanAir Madrid LEMD @InfiniteFlightDeck
T03 737-800 TUI Newcastle EGNT @Jamie_Pharoah
T04 A320 Vueling Asturias LEAS @PelayoVA
T05 737-800 RyanAir Cork EICK @Declan_Mcgee
T06 A320 EuroWings Berlin EDDT @Itsumi
T07 737-800 TUI Newcastle EGNT @ncl.spotter
T08 A321 Sunclass Airlines Örebro ESOE @CPTWilliam
T09 737-800 TUI Newcastle EGNT @FlyCymru101
T10 A320 EasyJet Gatwick EGKK @AviatorNikola
T11 737-800 TUI Newcastle EGNT @Brandons_aviation
T12 737-800 TUI Newcastle EGNT @Kieran_464
Cargo T13
Cargo T14
Cargo T15
R T16
R T17
R T18
R T19
R T20
R T21
R T22
R P00 737-800 Jet2 Leeds EGNM @DanielOConnor
R P02 737-800 Jet2 Newcastle EGNT @hazc1905
R P04 737-800 Jet2 Stansted EGSS @Igor_M
R P06 737-800 Jet2 Manchester EGCC @Tommy_Chadburn
R P08 737-800 Jet2 Glasgow EGPF @Jack5101
R P10 757-200 Jet2 (Monarch Airlines Codeshare) Manchester EGCC @Kyle0705
R P12 737-800 Jet2 Leeds Bradford EGNM @anon50451935
R P14 A320 Vueling Paris Charles De Gaulle LFPG @DanG387
R P16 A320 Vueling Malaga LEMG @Charlieab29
R P18 A321 Wizz Air Milano-Malpensa LIMC @Gergo_Bognar
R P32 CRJ1000 Binter Mallorca LEPA @WestCoastAviator
R P34 CRJ1000 Binter La Palma GCLA @Marcel001
R P36 CRJ-1000 Iberia Santiago LEST @anon45500775
R P38
R P40
R P42
R P44
R P46
R P48
R P50
R P52
R P54
R P56
R P58
R P60
R P62
R P64
R P66
Ramp GA L09 TBM-930
Ramp GA L10 TBM-930
Ramp GA L11 TBM-930
Ramp GA L12 TBM-930
Hanger 1
Hanger 2
MIL Hanger 01
MIL Hanger 02
MIL Hanger 03
MIL Hanger 04
MIL Hanger 05
MIL Hanger 06

R= Remote Gate

Notams and Notes

~ IFATC may be present.

~ Any Reports/ghosts are not my responsibility.

~ I would like everyone Attending to Use a SID (Standard Information Departure).

~ Suggested SID(s) will be announced in the Event PM along with the Active Runway and METAR for GCLP.

~ If on a Remote Gate. [ PXX gates] you can just taxi onto the taxiway! No need to request or push back from these slots!

~ Please use a Flight plan for this event. Suggested websites include, simbrief.com or fpltoif.com .

~ Any Questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

~ Have fun and Keep the Blue Side Up:)



Suggested Routes

Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gran_Canaria_Airport

Thank you so much for reading and i hope to see you here at this event:]


Hi mate! Gate down to Leeds please 😁

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Class event mate, can I get any gate LSVA221 to Newcastle

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Of course:))

Pretty sure it would be ‘A gate up to leeds’ not down lol

Il sign you up shortly:)


yes of Course I’ll sign you up shortly:)


Hey Kyle, nice event and series idea
I’d like to have a gate to Birmingham
~ LSVA272


awesome ill sign you up now:)

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Haha. You can say either 😉

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Can I take a Vueling gate down to Paris Charles De Gaulle please VLGVA3

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Hey Kyle, brilliant event!

Any gate, Vueling a320 to Marrakesh 🇲🇦 please, as VLGVA1.


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Awesome thanks for signing up!

Ill sort them now:)


I will take any gate Iberia A321 to Madrid

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any gate to Manchester please LSVA239

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are there any Binter gates??

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@Captain-787 ~ You have been signed up!

@Tommy_Chadburn ~ You have been signed up!

@WestCoastAviator ~ There aren’t any reserved gates for Binter however I will give you a gate with Binter if you would like?


Yes can i get a Binter gate to las palmas de mallorca thanks!

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CRJ1000 is the aircraft

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Think you mean Palma De Mallorca!

Las Palmas is Gran Canaria (GCLP) aka the airport this flyout is taking place at.

Palma De Mallorca is LEPA! 😊

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Im very smart lol, sorry i got confused two island airports!


I’ve signed you up!