10APR21 / 1930Z - The Capital Of The Free World Flyout @ KIAD

Design Made by Me

Washington Dulles Flyout

Hello And Welcome to the Washington Flyout! This is a Flyout To Attract More people to fly to an airport that is left out that is large.

Last But Not Least, Like the Safety Video Says, Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Event Details

Server: Expert
Airport: KIAD Washington Dulles
Time: 1930Z


|RS Z14|MSLP|Avianca A319| |

|RS Z12|KSAN|United 737-700|—|
|Gate Z10|EIDW|Aer Lingus 757| @hi_ppl |
|Gate Z09 |CYUL|Air Canada Express CRJ-900| @FlyIf_0011IFPA |
|Gate Z07|KLAX|Alaska 737-900| @zion89 |

|Gate B79A|ZBAA| Air China 787-9|—|
|Gate B73A| RJTT| ANA 787-10|—|
|Gate B67| KAUS| American 737|—|
|Gate B65| KSEA| Alaska a320|—|
|Gate B63| KCLT| American Eagle CRJ-700|—|

|Gate B49| KCLT| American 737 TWA| @zand3r |
|Gate B45|LOWW| Austrian 777| @Herald_Stevenson |
|Gate B41| VIDP| Air India 787-8| @Huzefa_Bohri |
|Gate B37| SKBO| Avianca A320|----|
|Gate B78| KDTW| Delta CRJ-700|----|
|Gate B76| KMCO| Frontier A320|–|
|Gate B74| TBPB| United 737-800|—|
|Gate B72| CYTZ| Porter Q400| @YoungPilot1 |
|Gate B70| TNCA| United 737|----|
|Gate B66| KEWR| United CRJ-700|—|
|Gate B64| KSLC| United 757|—|

More Gates will be added when more people join

RS= Remote Stand


Lets go for 5 people to sign up before the end of the weekend!

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Lets get 2 signups?

Sign me up!

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Good event!!!

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alright! Thanks for Joining

Thanks! would you like a gate?

Can I have this gate


sure! thanks for joining!

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No thanks. I’m in grade 2 so I can’t join it. Also, I’m quite busy in this week so I won’t have too much time playing IF.

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Gate B45 LOWW B77W

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Sure! Welcome to the event

can i join?

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Sure! Pick out a gate

Z10 b757 EIDW

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Thank You For Joining @hi_ppl

Some More Signups?

Hello! If possible, can I take gate A20 with the A380 to Dubai? Thanks!

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ill add that now.

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Thank you! I’ll see you there!

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