10APR21/1800Z-Dallas Love Field flyout @KDAL

click the pencil

@Ethan_Brown here is the Table format!



You will see the calendar icon at the top of the post when you go and edit it
Press it, change the time zone to your local time zone and put the date and time

click the pencil and change it to 10APR21 / 1800Z - Dallas Love-Field Flyout @KDAL

And then like @KTJ_Mitchell showed, thats how you make a table

Heyo @Ethan_Brown!

Seems everyone is helping you out!

I’ll post this to help you out in formatting this topic. It will show you how to edit and do things within your topic.

Good luck with your event!!

And then when you put each gate and flight, use the ‘|’ to separate each column

Put two Asterixis like these *
so do something like KDAL

or if you want it bigger it can be a #

Yeah like that

Ok title is perfect

What Do I put next


can you allow others to edit the post if you are under TL3?

No, it has to be a wiki and only TL3s can do that


How do I send it

ill make a PM and ask you all the routes and ill make into a table. from there you copy paste it

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Also, you need to have the #expert tag so that people know this is on expert when they are scrolling through the #live:events category (this is a requirement for every event thread)

Pm sounds like a good idea… :)

Use the formatting guide I linked and it will how you how to do it without a hitch.

OK I added that

This is easy to add, just underneath the title when you are editing the post, and right next to the category dropdown list

Yup thats perfect