10APR21/1800Z-Dallas Love Field flyout @KDAL

Dallas Love is a small downtown airport near downtown Dallas it is the main hub for Southwest and their headquarters are near the airport grounds
they serve Southwest,Alaska,Delta, and Virgin America

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Airport: Dallas Love Field KDAL

Time: 18:00 April 10 2021


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Gate Assignments

Gate Route Plane Livery Pilots
1 KLGA A320 Virgin America
2 KSFO A320 Virgin America
3 KATL 717-200 Delta
4 KRNO 737-700 Southwest Heart
5 KSEA 737-900 Alaska More to Love
6 KLAX A320 Alaska
7 KMDW 737-800 Southwest Heart
8 KRSW 737-700 Southwest Heart
9 KMIA 737-700 Southwest Heart
10 KABQ 737-700 Southwest Heart
11 KPNS 737-700 Southwest Heart
12 KHOU 737-800 Southwest Canyon Blue
13 KBNA 737-800 Southwest Heart
14 KDEN 737-800 Southwest Heart
15 KPHX 737-700 Southwest Heart
16 KSTL 737-700 Southwest Desert Gold
17 KBHM 737-700 Southwest Canyon Blue
18 KBWI 737-800 Southwest Heart
19 KLAS 737-800 Southwest Heart
20 KLAX A320 Virgin America

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