10APR21 / 1800Z-1900Z - The MEGA Fly Out - The City of Kings @ SPJC

Welcome to the Mega Flyout @ Jorge Chavez International Airport (SPJC), Lima - The City of Kings!

Hosted by @Mateo_CD & @tjb0709


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Welcome to this exciting flyout event @ Jorge Chavez International Airport, Lima, aka The City of Kings!

It give me great pleasure to inform you all this is my first official host for a fly out event with @Mateo_CD. In April it’s peak season with visitors visiting the beauty of Peru when the weather is at its best. Fingers crossed the weather on the day of the fly out event will be primed to give optimal conditions to view and explore amazing diversity of Peru’s unique incredible landscapes from different regions ranging from the Pacific Ocean coastline to Andes mountains range to the Amazon rainforest.

About Jorge Chavez International Airport

Jorge Chavez International Airport (SPJC) is one of the leading international airports in Latin America Continent by rank. Located in Callao, in the Lima metropolitan area of the city; in 2019 pre covid pandemic, it is ranked number 3 in Latin America by passenger traffic after São Paulo- Guarulhos in Brazil and El Dorado in Colombia of 25,4 million passengers using the airport which represent a yearly increase of 6.82% from 2018.

It is a hub airport representing four airlines: LATAM (Perú), Sky Airline Peru, Star Peru and Viva Air Peru. LATAM Perú have a 73.4% market share for domestic routes (2018) in Peru.

It also served many international gateways routes with various reputable international airlines including British Airways, American Airlines, KLM and so forth.
Currently Jorge Chavez Intl Airport are undergoing an massive expansion project with new construction of a second runway and a new control tower which began in Dec 2019 as it deemed necessary for the development of airside activities.

Lima have several nicknames; one is the City of Kings and the other; reflective of the picture below “La Gris” (The Gray).


  • Please be respectful to other pilots and abide rules expected of Expert Server & maintain safe distancing at all times
  • Always follow IFATC instructions if available; otherwise use unicorm appropriately
  • Please use realistic FPL and use SID for departures before requesting pushback
  • Ensure that on departure a minimum of 3nm is maintained to give adequate spacing between aircrafts
  • Runway departure will be determined on the day of the event, likely RWY15
  • We are not responsible for any violations you may accrued during this event. It’s your responsibility to double check you are in the correct wave and gate to avoid unnecessary delays

Event Information

Server: Expert

Airport: Jorge Chavez International Airport (SPJC)

When: 2021-04-10T17:00:00Z2021-04-10T18:00:00Z


This event consist of two waves, 1) at 1800Z hosted by @tjb0709 and 2) hosted by @Mateo_CD at 1900Z to ensure we can accommodate as many pilots who wish to sign up to participate in this exciting event.
Let’s give Jorge Chavez Intl Airport some love it deservedly need to say farewell to the rich cultural beauty of Peru.

Gate Assignment

Wave 1 - 1745Z Spawn - Hosted by @tjb0709

Wave 1

In this wave we are focusing on the passenger transportation to/from Peru domestic and international routes. SPJC is one of the most important airports in Latin America given its location.

Airport Diagram for Wave 1

Main Terminal (Red)
Gate Airline Aricraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
2 Avianca A320 Bogotá SKBO @Kedz
3 LATAM B763 La Havana MUHA
4 LATAM A320 Cartagena SKCG @Robin3
5 LATAM A319 (LAN livery) Buenos Aires AEP SABE
6 Avianca A320 El Salvador MSLP
7 LATAM A320 San José MROC
8 United B752 Newark KEWR @SWA1997
9 LATAM A320 Asuncion SGAS
10 British Airways B789 London Gatwick EGKK @Oliver_You
11 LATAM A320 Foz do Iguaçu SBFI
12 Delta B763 Atlanta KATL
13 LATAM A320 Buenos Aires EZE SAEZ
14 Air France B77W Paris Charles De Gaulle LFPG
15 LATAM A320 Cordoba SACO
14 LATAM A320 Cordoba SACO
15 Air France B77W Paris Charles De Gaulle LFPG @Antuan
16 LATAM A320 Punta Cana MPDC @Lapis
17 KLM B77W Amsterdam EHAM @tjb0709
18 Avianca A320 Quito SEQM
19 LATAM B763 Los Angeles KLAX
20 Iberia A359 Madrid LEMD @Sam73628
21 LATAM B763 Mexico City MMMX
22 Copa Airlines B738 Panamá Tocumen MPTO
23 American Airlines B789 Dallas Forth Worth KDFW @Ethan_Brown
24 LATAM A320 Santiago de Chile SCEL @IFChile-SpeedbirdCL
25 American Airlines A321 Miami KMIA @zion89
26 Spirit Airlines A321 (Bananabus) Fort Lauderdale KFLL @AviatorEgcc

Remote Stands: North (Yellow)
Sand Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
51 LATAM A320 Tacna SPTN @daan0411
52 LATAM A320 Puerto Maldonado SPTU
53 LATAM A320 Cusco SPZO @nicopizarro
54 Sky Airline A320 (Generic) Juliaca SPJL
55 LATAM A319 (LAN) Tarapoto SPST
59 Sky Airline A320 (Generic) Trujillo SPRU
60 LATAM A320 Jaén SPJE @Alexian61
61 LATAM A320 Piura SPUR
62 LATAM A320 La Paz (Bolivia) SLLP
63 Sky Airline A320 (Generic) Iquitos SPQT
64 LATAM A320 Ayacucho SPHO
65 LATAM A320 Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Viru Viru) SLVR
66 LATAM A319 (LAN) Ilo SPLO

Remote Stands: South (Blue)

You can choose your aircraft, airline and destination. Aircraft restrictions in effect. No GA aircraft

Stand Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
27 Singapore Airlines B777W Singapore Changi (WSSS) @IZhang
28 British Airways B789 London Gatwick (EGKK) @tunamkol
29 LATAM A320 Quito (SEQM) @Lachlanavitor
45D Air Canada B777W Toronto (CYYZ) @N489DN

GA stands (purple)

Choose your aircraft, Destination (if is the case) and Aircraft. Max aircraft allowed is the Cessna CitationX

Stand Aircraft Destination Pilot

Wave 2 - 1845Z Spawn @ Hosted by @Mateo_CD

Wave 2

This wave will focus on cargo and repatriation flights. From small aircrafts to B777s and 747s.
This also have destinations as far as Asia. There’s plenty of gates to choose from. We will use the main terminal for those flights but we will have a small number of scheduled passenger flights to balance the diversity of range of planes.

Airport Diagram for Wave 2

Gates (Orange)
Gate Type of Flight Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
2 Passenger Flight AeroMexico B737 Mexico City MMMX
3 Passenger Flight LATAM B763 New Jork JFK KJFK
4 Cargo Flight LATAM Cargo B763 Miami KMIA
5 Repatritation Flight Aerolineas Argentinas B738 Buenos Aires EZE SAEZ
6 Passenger Flight LATAM A320 Mendoza SAME
7 Passenger Flight LATAM A320 Montevideo SUMU
8 Cargo Flight Martinair Cargo MD-11F Quito SEQM
9 Cargo Flight Lufthansa Cargo MD-11F Frankfurt EDDF
10 Cargo Flight Korean Air Cargo B77F Seoul via Los Angeles RKSI via KLAX
11 Passenger Flight LATAM A320 Medellín SKRG @CaptJimiThing
12 Repatritation Flight LATAM A320 Cali SKCL
13 Cargo Flight LATAM Cargo B763 Campinas-Viracopos SBKP
14 Passenger Flight LATAM A320 Brasilia SBBR
15 Cargo Flight Qatar Cargo B77F Doha via Viracopos OTHH via SBKP
16 Passenger Flight Air Canada B77W Toronto CYYZ
17 Cargo Flight LATAM Cargo B77F Rio de Janeiro SBGL @Mateo_CD
18 Cargo Charter Fed Ex B77F Memphis KMEM
19 Cargo Charter DHL B77F Mexico City MMMX @BoeingPlane
20 Charter Passenger United B752 Denver KDEN
21 Cargo Flight Swiss International Airlines B77W Zurich LSZH @MattTheMouse
22 Passenger Flight LATAM A319 (TAM) Porto Alegre SBPA
23 Cargo Operation Atlas Air B744 Miami KMIA
24 Passenger Flight JetBlue A321 Fort Lauderdale KFLL @Captain_T_Malone
25 Repatritation Flight LATAM A320 Tucumán SANT
26 Passenger Charter Flight LATAM A320 Caracas SVMI

Remote Stands: South (light blue)

Cargo Operations Only:

Stand Airline Aircraft Destination Destination ICAO Pilot
27 UPS A33F Chicago O’ Hare via Miami KORD via KMIA
28 Turkish Airlines B77F Istanbul via Atlanta LTFM via KATL
29 Cargolux B748 Luxembourg ELLX
40E Martinair MD-11F Buenos Aires EZE SAEZ
45D DHL B77F Anchorage PANC

Peru most famous tourist destination: The magnificent Inca citadel, Machu Picchu.


  • When you found a gate you like, simply click and cover the gate and section and click on quote and paste it in the reply message
  • The use of runway for departures most likely to be RWY 15 however it is TBD on the day of the event
  • A PM will be sent out for Wave 1 and 2 separately and if necessary a third 48 hrs before the commencement of this fly out event
  • Please spawn in no later than 15 mins before the start of the gate to prepare FPL to include SID for departure
  • Please double check you are spawned in in the correct wave and gate to avoid unnecessary delays
  • We will not be held responsible for any violations you may accrued during this event. Please use appropriate caution and act in a responsible manner
  • Lastly, we hope to see you there! Let’s go!!


I would like to take this
For wave 1


,Thanks for signing up👍 @SWA1997

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Thanks @tjb0709

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Glad you like the event! 😎

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I’m really happy to host this event with you @tjb0709. Thanks for everything 😊

Let’s get those signups for Lima!!!

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We will have a blast! 😎

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In order to get more people and run the event in a busy saturday, this event is now rescheduled to April 10th!!!

@tjb0709 sign me up with this gate :)

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Thank you bud. The slot is now reserved 😎

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You’re signed up! @Alexian61 🙏

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Sure! @tjb0709 Will add you in a moment. Thanks for coming

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