105 Degree KPHX Spotting 7-5-2020 (plus, one of the best landing shots you’ll ever see 😉)

Hey IFC! Today, because I am very bored, decided to got spot at KPHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor)!
I spotted on the 25 runways! Today was busy for about the 1 hour I was there! I took almost 110 pictures 😂. I also got one of the best landing pictures you’ll ever see! Anyway let’s get into it!

@Brody_Swiatek (hello fellow PHX spotter 🙂)

Southwest boys ready to rumble

Taxi, takeoff, and landing

Ro-tae-she-un and an earlier butter

Frontier Sammy the Squirrel and an American A321 in maintenance

More Southwest bois and @anon38496261’s ERJ175 to San Francisco (no, he wasn’t on that plane)

Southwest taxiing back from 25L, JetBlue rotating for Boston, and a Delta taxiing to 25R bound for Salt Lake City

American Airlines America West livery. I was moving to a better spot and it landed during that time 😒

Southwest Overload 😂 (sorry)

Boutique Air PC-12 from Cortez (that was your quick southwest break)
And now, for my 10th picture. Low and behold, MY GREATEST LANDING SHOT EVER!

Anyway. I hoped you all liked these! These pictures and un-edited and raw. I hope I can go spotting again soon!
Happy Landings,


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Nice catches, I not really the photo type, I do a lot videos, and yes, 25R is the best spot, all of us go to that same spot except I switch from side to side to get some good catches, and when I’m not at the airport I use a telescope 😂
But anyway, nice!

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Thanks! I would’ve posted about 20 more if I could’ve 😂.

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Did you mean sandy the squirrel 😂


Amazing shots! Keep it up!

I’m assuming birbs don’t come out in such weather 😂


Was supposed to be in Phoenix this week but my tournament got cancelled. Was planning to spot at PHX too. Oh well guess when I’m back here in the fall I’ll spot here.
Also the last shot is nice.


Awesome shots! Yes, I totally own that E175 😏

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I thought it was Sammy…
@Brody_Swiatek it is Sammy btw…


Thank you! The entire time I was there, I didn’t see one. 😒

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Ay, if you come back in the fall, I’m down to spot together 😉
@anon38496261 yep totally yours, had to sit there for 10 minutes because they got delayed into SFO 😂

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Yeah, I had a word with the people about that 😉

I love all of these pics, well done!

Nice, hopefully you can fix every single delay into SFO
@Sashaz55 thank you so much! I had so much fun spotting!

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Attention! I just inserted a poll! Go cast a vote! :D

T4 garage? I’ve got to say, PHX has some of the best spotting around. The plane/livery variety might not be the best but the locations are great.


You best believe it :D! We went from the employee lot to the taller one where you go in circles for ages 😂 it got hot in the top tho


I got lost trying to get up there my first time 😑

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Haha, we go there a lot so it’s pretty easy 😂

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very nice. my favorite is the last one and i think everyone else agrees

Yes, I can understand why 😂. Glad you liked it!

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