1031 NM Journey in Southern California TS1(Canceled for Now)

My internet is down right now so this will be pushed of for a day or two. You may type in the comments if you would like to join me and we could make a big formation flight. It will start 10:30 CST time tomorrow.

I will be flying for a bit in a Cessna citation x on the training server in California, with the callsign N107HO, feel free to chase me down and embark with me on this journey of mass XP gaining haha


Best of luck to you. I’ve been doing long flights in the Denver Region on expert server every day or every other day so I know the pain of a long flight haha! Have a safe trip as you traverse SoCal


Thank you but my internet is doing bad right now so I can’t do it. Also my iPad wouldn’t let me steer for some reason? The yoke did not move at all while I was taxiing and then I crashed upon take off. So be it another day I suppose.

Uh okay make sure you notify folks. You don’t want people malinformed :)

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Watch out for trolls! Shoot em if you can! Jk 😂😂


Have to get that preparation in for global xD


Exactly! Can’t wait for it!

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